Jean-Claude Roy – Lingeries intimes [DVD version] (1981)


The young Marc inherits a lingerie shop. Sales have skyrocketed since he came along. The female clientele pours in. The fitting room becomes the scene of increasing intimate pleasure. Exhausted, Marc decides to hire Aline, a young, saucy saleswoman. This gem of perversity drew a record number of spectators when it debuted in Paris on October 21, 1981 in ALPHA-FRANCE theaters. Continue reading

José Bénazéraf – La Bonne auberge (1977)


“If an established film director such as Monsieur Benazeraf tries his hands at pornography, one should expect a superior example of the genre. Sadly, this picture does not live up to this expectation. Apparently shot in two versions, the porn version is a complete mess, with dreadful continuity errors: quite clearly, someone did not give a toss. The cast of unknowns fails to capture the screen, especially the dull-as-dishwater males.” Continue reading

Walerian Borowczyk – La Marge AKA Emmanuelle ’77 (1976)


Art House Erotica, 23 September 1998
Author: Stefan Kahrs from Canterbury, England

La Marge is the kind of film conventional film critics hate to review, because it does not quite fit into these little genre boxes they have in their heads.

In its cinematography and story-telling La Marge is very much like an Art House picture: we have emotions, tragedy, laughter, silence, pictures telling a story, plot twists, slow pace, all the ingredients you might expect in the most toffee-nosed productions only people with a university degree are supposed to enjoy. And yet, it is also a piece of erotica, shamelessly exploitative and very effective in its abundant use of (mostly) female nudity and its sex scenes. Continue reading

Radley Metzger – Camille 2000 (1969)


“Camille 2000, with its cast of wealthy, weary sophisticates, clear plastic blow-up beds, outlandish metal dresses, refined S&M orgies, and Euro-psychedelic music, is often cited as the quintessential Metzger film. In fact, all that’s missing in the world of the doomed romantic Marguerite Gautier (Daniele Gaubert) is a gilded go-go cage. Fans of the 1935 Garbo version may be startled to see that Metzger’s update, underneath the wild period decor, is recognizably the same story, though Gaubert’s existential exhaustion may be less evident to an audience mesmerized by the parade of Italian haute couture and decor.” – Gary Morris, Bright Lights Film Journal Continue reading

Tom Laughlin – The Babysitter (1969)


A judge is about to sentence members of a motorcycle gang for murder when he gets blackmailed because of an affair with a teenage babysitter.

An assistant DA (George Carey) is prosecuting a biker for a vicious murder. The lawyer’s home-life meanwhile is a wreck: He has a nagging, frigid wife and a newborn son, and his adult daughter is a lesbian. Things go from bad to worse, however, when he is unable to resist the charms of his seductive underage babysitter (Patricia Wymer). Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the biker befriends the prosecutor’s daughter, hoping to get some photos of her with her lover so she can use them to blackmail the father. She really hits the jackpot though when she stumbles upon the man himself en flagrante with his babysitter mistress. . . Continue reading

Catherine Breillat – Une vraie jeune fille AKA A Real Young Girl (1976)


“Une Vraie Jeune Fille, Catherine Breillat’s first feature film, was shelved for 25 years, apparently because the moral/aesthetic disgust couldn’t be overcome at the time. It was released for the first time this year, and immediately re-ignited the scandal occasioned by Breillat’s last feature, Romance.”
– Kay Armatage, Toronto International Film Festival Catalogue

The story centres on Alice Bonnard, a young girl attending Saint-Sulvien Girl’s College, and takes place during a summer in the turbulent sixties. Alice comes homes to spend her holidays with her parents in the Landes region. They run a sawmill where they employ a young man, Jim. Business isn’t going well, although Mr. and Mrs. Bonnard are too proud to admit it and Jim’s nonchalant attitude about his job doesn’t help things. Alice is attracted to Jim, but she’s too scared to let him know it, believing that as far as he’s concerned she doesn’t exist. Her tumescent sexuality begins to obsess her. She becomes fascinated with the excretions, juices and smells of her own body as well as with the slimy oozings and putrid detritus of the natural world. The film gives few clues to distinguish the girl’s fantasies from the events of her life. This is fitting, as the entire film revolves around the girl and her own perceptions. The heightened realism of the direction and cinematography produces a text that refuses either to accuse or to exploit.
(from link) Continue reading

José Ramón Larraz – Madame Olga’s Pupils AKA Las alumnas de madame Olga AKA Sex Academy (1981)


The title of this movie “Sex Academy” at first makes it sound like an American sex comedy. Then when you see the double-decker bus and the London setting you begin to think for a brief, horrifying minute that it might be a BRITISH sex comedy. If you somehow manage to refrain from ejecting the videotape and hurling it into the nearest fire, it turns out to be something slightly less excrable–a serious softcore drama from expatriate Spanish director Jose Larraz. Larraz is always interesting but this is definitely one of his weaker efforts. It doesn’t compare to his better works such as “Vampyres”, “Deviation”, or “The Coming of Sin”. The virtually non-existent plot revolves around a brothel disguised as a music academy for young girls run by Madame Olga (Helga Line). After one of her girls accidentally dies in the company of a powerful client, Madame Olga is forced to hire a young man who witnessed the two of them together. The young man samples the wares, becomes a procurer, and falls in love with one of the girls who is technically a virgin. Of course, this doesn’t stop him from having sex with the girl’s mother, a couple of her friends, and Madame Olga herself. Finally, he takes the girl to a stable and forcibly deflowers her in a scene that is only slightly more erotic than most barnyard sexual encounters. The movie is not so much bad, however, as it is completely pointless. The only point of interest might be Helga Line who was not afraid to do nude sex scenes even though she was nearly fifty at the time. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching one of the latter-day sex films of a fleshy Marilyn Chambers or a sagging and wrinkled Sylvia Kristel, you’ll no doubt be impressed at how good Line still looks here. Of course, that’s probably not enough of a reason to actually watch this film. (from IMDB) Continue reading

Francis Leroi – Charlotte, mouille sa culotte! AKA Looking Good (1980)


Plot review:
Julia Perrin plays the young-mischievouls schoolgirl Charlotte, who is trying to come up with ways to get her father and mother to break up in order for her to have the house to herself. Of course her methods revolve around sex and she even coaxes her friends to lend a hand. All of this though is done to please her mysterious “friend”… Continue reading

Francis Leroi – Je suis à prendre AKA I’m Yours to Take (1978)


A classic piece of French erotica.

Bertrand wants his new bride, Hélène, to adopt his swinging lifestyle. He achieves this by leaving her frustrated while his servants spike her glasses of milk with aphrodisiacs while he goes off to attend orgies at another mansion. As a result Hélène has it away with the maid, the groom and the butler, sometimes watched by her husband, until finally he consummates their marriage himself and then takes her along to the orgy, in which she takes part enthusiastically. Continue reading

Nick Millard – Dr. Christina of Sweden (1970)


The stunning and voluptuous “Dr. Christina” writes sex-related stories and columns for a Swedish tabloid. Sent to France by the newspaper and thrilled by her first taste of Paris, Dr. Christina’s first task is to interview French young people about their opinions on sex in the age of Free Love. She quickly learns that actions speak louder than words the moment she happens upon an eager young couple in the throes of non-stop lovemaking. Turned on by her voyeurism and the prospects for a great news story, Christina herself is primed for some action. That night finds her feverishly dreaming of an ultra-erotic encounter between two women sporting kinky lingerie, eager tongues and probing fingers. The following day Christina roams the boulevards of Paris hot for sensual satisfaction. Will a café performance featuring two lesbians that mirrors her previous night’s dreams be enough to satiate her? Continue reading

Erwin C. Dietrich – Blutjunge Verführerinnen aka Scandal’ Sex (1971)


Just a bit of soft core fun and frolics but not only does this already look rather quaint with the 70s hair and clothing but the, now seeming, very non PC nature of the exercise amazes. The film starts with a magazine boss explaining to his fellow journalists that their recent series on rape, although very popular has now run out of steam. They then all come up with ideas around the assumption that young girls are seducing poor guys all over the place. We get the guy’s introduction and then go into the sexy sequence. Initially the guys get to say quite a lot but by the end they barely get a word in before we are closing in on some new nubile lass stripping off. It can’t be that the Swiss are particularly strange looking that everybody looks ‘interesting’ but that apart maybe for the girl’s eye make-up, there was no overall ‘look’ to conform to. The gal’s breasts are of all shapes and sizes, their teeth similarly varied and the guys look as if they have come from a failed audition for some drinks ad for Playboy magazine. Overdressed and all facial hair and pot bellies. Extraordinary. The whole thing is well shot, the sequences not overlong and pretty varied with lots of outdoor shoots. Enjoyable Continue reading

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