Shin’ichi Shiratori – Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger aka Kangofu nikki: Itazura na yubi (1979)

Ryoko (Etsuko Hara) leaves the chaos of her dorm for the peace and quiet of her own place because she wants to keep her relationship with a doctor at Murata Hospital a secret. Unfortunately, that privacy is short-lived as she discovers a “peeping tom” next-door neighbor that spies on her all the time. When the doctor’s wife learns of the affair, poor Ryoko gets caught in a web of jilted lovers, frisky lesbians, slapstick sexual assault and embarrassing incidents with household appliances. The first film in Nikkatsu’s three picture “Nurse Diary” series, NURSE DIARY: WICKED FINGER is a strange mix of comedy, nudity and sex with an oh-so-crazy plot that will have you shaking your head in disbelief! Continue reading

Joanna Williams – Soft Places (1978)

Returning from the funeral of her very wealthy and prominent husband, the widow, accompanied by her family attorney, discusses the unusual will her husband has left. In order to inherit the full benefits of this ?spoken will? it is required that the widow experience every known sexual activity. Through these outrageous activities, possibly her frigidity will fade, and a truly loving woman will be unleashed. The experiment works! In one sexually explicit act after another, the widow wins the inheritance and her complete sexual freedom. Continue reading

Gary Graver – The ecstasy girls (1979)


Here is a splendid little classic from 1979, produced by Harold Lime and directed by Robert McCallum. As is usual with “Golden Age” classics, the plot, acting, exterior shots and general production values are outstanding. This flick was shot on location in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. They don’t make them like this anymore.

Jamie Gillis plays a washed up B-movie star who is down on his luck. He has been reduced to escorting starlets to movie premieres, a service for which his agent pays him a few bucks plus expenses. He still makes the rounds of Hollywood parties, however, and at one such event, his host, J.C. Church, observes him seducing Desiree Cousteau. It is a hypnotic scene; Cousteau was a beautiful girl with wonderful, natural breasts. Georgina Spelvin secretly observes them, while being secretly observed herself by J.C. Continue reading

Fred J. Lincoln – That’s Outrageous (1983)


Jamie Gillis plays successful writer Paul and starving artist Phillipe both living in Paris. He is two people because he must balance a delicate sexual situation involving Frannie and Natasha. What makes OUTRAGEOUS more than watchable is the introduction of these two incredibly gorgeous newcomers to the world of explicit films. They are worth it. Lots of Paris footage and good production… Joey Silvera and Anna Ventura have a hot scene, shot about the time Joey was coming into his own as an adult film major name. Continue reading

Jesus Franco – Rote Lippen, Sadisterotica aka Two Undercover Lovers [+Extras] (1969)

Two Undercover Angels, alternately known as Sadisterotica, the film follows the exploits of Diana (Janine Reynaud of Succubus) and Regina (Rosanna Yanni who starred alongside Spanish horror superstar Paul Naschy in The Hunchback Of The Morgue), two female detective who operate collectively as ‘Red Lips.’ When the movie begins they’re skulking around and going under cover to figure out who is abducting go-go dancers and why, in hopes of saving them from what is sure to be a horrible fate. The cops prove useless here, and it’s obvious that only these two hot chicks are capable of solving the mystery.

Some quick and rather uninspired detective work soon leads to the narrowing down of the culprit to two men – a painter named Klaus (Adrian Hoven who shows up in a couple of Fassbinder films including Fear Of Fear) and the mysterious man known only as Morpho (Michel Lemoine of Seven Women For Satan). The girls rush into action to figure out who is behind all of this madness and bring him to justice, but will they save the dancers in time or end up imprisoned themselves? Continue reading

Aurelio Grimaldi – La Donna lupo AKA The Man-Eater (1999)


Reminiscent of Catherine Breillat similarly explicit Romance (1999), this erotic thriller is a portrait of a mysterious woman with a voracious sexual appetite. Guila (newcomer Loredana Cannata) picks up the young Valerio (Arturo Paglia) for a one-night stand. After a round of lovemaking and midnight skinny-dipping in the ocean, she gives him a false name and number. In spite of this, the utterly smitten Valerio tries to hunt down his dream girl. In the process, he learns of her multiple identities and multiple sexual exploits. Continue reading

Gary Graver – Amanda by Night (1981)


IMDb synopsis:
A killer is stalking a top class prostitute (Veronica Hart). Two of her co-workers are murdered after visiting a client and a detective (R. Bolla) is brought in. He feels that the cases are linked and that Amanda is also in danger. However, Amanda has no use for police and will not cooperate with him. Finally his charms get her to agree to work together to get the murderer, Unfortunately, when Amanda finally confronts the culprit, the detective has been delayed. Thus Amanda must deal with the murderer herself. Continue reading

Paul Vatelli – If My Mother Only Knew (1985)

There must be some aphrodisiac in the water supply of this not-so-sleepy suburb as Amber Lynn and her carnal cohorts demonstrate how brazen and bawdy a bedroom community can be. Amber plays Hope – a young nympho who’s in a not-so-subtle sexual competition with her promiscuous mom Honey Wilder. Who gets the last laugh (and the last lay!!!)? Just take a look into the lascivious eyes of Amber’s lusty stepfather! Continue reading

Luciano Ercoli – Lucrezia giovane (1974)



Historical drama around the sexual exploits of the young Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Alexander Borgia and sister of the infamous Cesare Borgia.
Simonetta Stefanelli stars as the ruthless Lucrezia Borgia in Luciano Ercoli’s take on the Borgia family. In the early 16th century, Italy is ruled by the powerful Borgia family, led by Cesar Borgia and his sister Lucrezia (Martine Carol). In a ruthless power play, Cesare plots to have his sister’s husband murdered.

But without her brother’s knowledge, Lucretia has taken a strong lover who will challenge the Borgias, but Cesar’s love for his sister will once again lead to the demise of Lucrezia’s lover and unite the 2 siblings in an incestuous relationship. Continue reading

Joseph F. Robertson – Love Making U.S.A. (1971)

Love Making U.S.A., isn’t just another porn film. No, no. It’s a “report made totally for the advancement of understanding and knowledge pertaining to love and its by-products in all forms.” Exactly. Of course, the only “by-product” here is semen starting with the prehistoric stag film, A Free Ride, “considered to be one of the very first sex films ever made,” in which two flappers have erotic interludes in the sticks. Then — surprise! — we watch the infamous EDWARD D. WOOD, JR. take pictures of smut-star CASEY LORRAIN! This segues into JOHN HOLMES getting a blowjob from a pretty wraith of a girl in a film that we’re told “could be entered in the Cannes Film Festival.” Absolutely! We next visit the set of a porno movie (Tomatoes) where a giant orgy is in progress. A guy with a mike waddles around commenting and interviews ANNA TRAVERS, tied to a door. “Notice the dignity which prevails,” he says. You’ll also notice all the dicks in the gals’ mouths. After that, we go “beyond the orgasm” to watch John Holmes jam two California surfer gals with that giant thing of his. Peculiarly, we’re then taken to a west-coast “Gay-ln” where various lesbians and homos are interviewed, as well as a tough gay-basher who turns out to be wearing nylons and high heels and who also just happens to be producer/director JOSEPH P. (The Slime People) ROBERTSON! Continue reading

Bostjan Hladnik – Maskarada aka Masquerade (1971)


An erotic drama about complicated love affairs and blackmailing. Dina, the young wife of elderly manager Gantar meets attractive student Luka and falls in love with him. All her further activity is submitted to one and only goal: to get Luka for herself. Continue reading

Michel Reilhac – Polissons et galipettes aka The Good Old Naughty Days (2002)

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This astonishing, scintillating collection from the silent era, most of which are from the 1920s, are genuine, legitimate and by today’s hardcore standards, amazingly charming, pornographic short films that leave nothing to the imagination. From predictable fantasy scenarios – monk spies on, then joins naughty nuns; teacher must spank naughty schoolgirls – to more esoteric fare (homosexuality and animal ecstasy, to name just two), vintage porn has never been more accessible…or attainable. The shorts in The Good Old Naughty Days were primarily designed to be shown in the waiting rooms of brothels, amusing patrons – and no doubt giving them some ideas – as they awaited their girl. They also reveal production standards far in advance of comparable films being made elsewhere at the time, as well as an inventive and often humorous array of diverse couplings. These films were usually created in a haphazard fashion in an afternoon with friends and local prostitutes lending a hand for a few cents. All of them requested to remain anonymous, which makes it impossible to identify who really acted or directed them. For this reason, it is rather delightful to watch these “actors” often having to readjust their wigs and fake moustaches in the middle of their scenes so as not to be recognized unmasked. It is nevertheless touching to see how fresh and naïve these films look in comparison with today’s X-rated film productions. Considering the age of these films, it is miraculous that they have been rediscovered and restored. These films are a part of our heritage and certainly a part of the secret history of cinema. In their own amusing way, these images involve us in a very direct, physical and intimate relationship with the good old days. These films have been restored by the Archives of the Centre National de la Cinématographie in France. Continue reading

Shuji Terayama – Les Fruits de la passion AKA Fruits of Passion (1981)

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from IMDB……Though the film concerns the “O” and Sir Stephen characters, it really has nothing to do with Pauline Reage’s original novel or the 1974 film The Story of O. However, the film does pay attention to artistic detail and symbolism of an almost mystic kind. “O” decides to prostitute herself for Sir Stephen in violent 1920s Hong Kong. Her mission is to prove her unending devotion and love for her master through giving her body to other men. Naturally, Sir Stephen enjoys watching her during her unpleasant sexual escapades and even finds himself a mistress. However, the tables are turned when “O” actually finds a kind of love with a young male admirer. Suddenly, Sir Stephen feels the threat… Continue reading

Michele Massimo Tarantini – La Liceale AKA The Teasers (1975)


Italian sex-comedy starring the lovely Gloria Guida. Loredana (Guida) is a schoolgirl who takes advantage of her fellow students and teachers by using her innocent schoolgirl beauty. After she loses her virginity to an older man she soon realizes there are more important things to life than teasing men. Also stars Giuseppe Pambieri, Ilona Staller, Alvaro Vitali and Gianfranco D’Angelo. Continue reading

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