Peeter Urbla – Balti armastuslood (1992)


Three episodes from three Baltic nations, all about lost love. In Estonia a political prisoner is set free. Meanwhile his best friend had stolen his girl and now defends his political cowardice: “Some of us must be left outside the prisons to pursue the political fight.” – In Latvia a Russian soldier has a Latvian girlfriend. Her Latvian friends accept her boyfriend. But his two closest soldier friends beat him up, tear the clothes of his girl and threaten to rape her. The loving couple understands that they cannot continue their relationship. – In Lithuania a priest student and an Estonian stripper fall in deep love. The student’s uncle is an enlightened priest who says: “I bless you whatever road you choose to go.” The couple sleep together and agree to meet at the railway station the next morning and go to Estonia. But when the student comes home his uncle has died… (written by Max Scharnberg) Continue reading

Roberta Findlay – The Playgirl (1982)

Another great production from that era. It stars one of the all-time greats, Veronica Hart, who was probably the best actress to appear in adult films and no slouch when it came to the sex, either. In this movie she plays a liberated woman determined to enjoy her life and her sexuality on her own terms. Veronica was one of a handful of stars in those years who was always classy no matter what she was doing. So was co-star Candida Royale, seen here before she got behind the camera. Tiffany Clark was also a pretty and worthy performer. Plus there’s Merle Michaels, one of the great unsung heroines of erotica. Her performances were just about always outstanding and she often outshone bigger names starring with her. Continue reading

Max Pécas – Une femme aux abois AKA The Slave (1962)

From the catalog:
Lovely Evelyn and her hunky boy-toy Bob are happily enjoying an extramarital French-countryside romp in an elegant cottage when Evelyn’s older half-brother Maurice and his spooky-but-shapely sex-bomb girlfriend come sauntering in with a gun, a briefcase full of cash, and some naked pictures of his sis when she was a desperate young model who didn’t know any better. There’s been a robbery and a shooting, and nasty Maurice is on the lam and doesn’t have much to lose. Continue reading

José Bénazéraf – Frustration aka The Chambermaid’s Dream (1971)

“This French film is a combination psychological drama and softcore porn film. The story revolves around the fantasies of a disturbed woman whose love interests begin in childhood with her father, and later devolve onto her mother. In the film, she has already transferred her obsessions to her sister and her sister’s husband. She fantasizes them having all sorts of sexual encounters. One day she walks in on them while they are having sex and joins in. This change from fantasy to real experience does her no good, and the story reaches a tragic conclusion.” Continue reading

Max Pécas – Ik ben een Nimfomane AKA I Am a Nymphomanic (1971)

“I whispered it again and again: I am a nymphomaniac. Whenever I passed a man in the street I felt the same craving burning inside me…”
Carole is an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. Then one day it happens. She discovers her body, sex and sin. Will she ever be free from the torment of her passionate desires?. Directed in 1970, Max Pecas’ film is a classic piece of adult cinema from the golden age of French erotica.

Paul and Gabrielle, a young married couple, take in their neighbor’s teenage daughter, Felicia, for a few weeks in the summer. It isn’t long before the precocious and seductive Felicia sets her sights on the two of them. Continue reading

José Bénazeraf – Breaking And Entering AKA Du Foutre Plein Le Cul (1984)

In the South of France a naughty band of female cat burglars decides to rob a ritzy villa for kicks. Breaking and Entering, the girls discover a treasure trove of love toys and lingerie that proves to be a real party pleaser until the long, long arm of the law catches up with them. These gendarmes go for the gusto using their “nightsticks” to probe the girls for information. Then the owners of the villa show up and are mistaken as thieves but it really doesn’t matter. They seem to enjoy “the intrusion” even more then the girls do! Continue reading

Hiroto Yokoyama – Manji (1983)


An older married woman, Sonoko, catches the beautiful Mitsuko watching her shoplift one day. Afraid of being turned in to the police she follows the younger woman home. After hanging about outside for a while feeling nervous Sonoko rings the doorbell and introduces herself. She offers Mitsuko money to keep her mouth shut. Mitsuko, as emotionally unstable as Sonoko herself is insulted and tells her to put her money away. This is where the interaction takes a more bizarre turn. Sonoko, apparently feeling like she owes Mitsuko something gets flustered, this catches on to Mitsuko and the women begin to physically struggle with each other. Some milk is spilt. Mitsuko suggests Sonoko lick it up off the floor. She does so, then they get aggressive again and start trying to hit each other. They tire of that eventually and Mitsuko herself takes a drink of milk from off the floor. I guess this strange sequence of events was supposed to mark their meeting for the bizarre relationship that follows. The whole film has weird, kinky scenes scattered all the way through, including a lot of role-playing games and random smacking on the face. The plot however is fairly simple. A married woman falls in love with a young and beautiful girl. Girl comes between woman and husband. Girl has affair with husband. Older woman kills herself. The ending was very confusing, and it wasn’t made clear how Sonoko died or why she did it, since Mitsuko had already tried to get back together with her. However, I believe Mitsuko’s character was meant to be unemotional, and the story about emotional reactions to her. Continue reading

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