Jesus Franco – Paula-Paula [+Extras] (2010)

img0001gn Jesus Franco   Paula Paula [+Extras] (2010)

logoimdbb Jesus Franco   Paula Paula [+Extras] (2010)

What you first need to understand before watching Jess Franco’s Paula-Paula is that it’s not a normal movie. There’s not script, there’s a beginning and ending, but something else in between. It’s actually what the title say it is, an audiovisual experience that could belong in an art gallery. I’ve seen stuff like this at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, but this might be a little bit more sleazy…

It begins with the arrest of a young woman, Paula, who claims she’s been working at a sex club since she was five, first with her dad, and later together with another woman named Paula – and now she killed her. The police, played by a butch Lina Romay, is skeptical about it, and seem to almost let her go. No one cares about her, another crazy woman… There’s a cut to the interaction between Paula and Paula, in something that seem to be the first Paula’s apartment. They dance, there’s long psychedelic mirror-effects, slow-motion and an amazing jazz score by Friedrich Gulda (given to Franco by the children of Gulda, the composer himself is dead) and slowly it leads to the expected ending… (more…)

Cinzia Th. Torrini – Caramelle AKA Sweeties (1995)

arbmediascom 574878136f Cinzia Th. Torrini   Caramelle AKA Sweeties (1995)

logoimdbb Cinzia Th. Torrini   Caramelle AKA Sweeties (1995)

Anna is not so very young any more, but still a voluptuous woman and full of desire. Unlike her husband, who prefers to watch television instead of making love to his wife. Diets and aerobics fail to revive his sexual interest, and Anna turns to a fortune-teller for help. Unfortunately, the love potions also have dissatisfying side-effects and surprising results. Finally, a proper solution is found in some magic sweets: each sweet will make Anna seven years younger. Which might be rather tricky for a compulsive eater … (more…)

Joseph W. Sarno – Någon att älska AKA The Seduction of Inga (1971)

ingaposter Joseph W. Sarno   Någon att älska AKA The Seduction of Inga (1971)

thgc Joseph W. Sarno   Någon att älska AKA The Seduction of Inga (1971)

It has a few hardcore inserts.

After her boyfriend leaves her alone and penniless, Inga can only long for the love of another man devoted to satisfying her body and soul. Rolf, a young pop singer and musician, tries his best to seduce her, but she ultimately falls for Stig – a dashing older man and writer. Stig owns a beautiful villa, and Inga gladly becomes his personal secretary – and lover. When business takes Stig away, Inga’s loneliness and unfulfilled sensual desires lead her straight into the arms and bed of Rolf. Inga’s life is further complicated by the arrival of the young and beautiful Greta Tillstrom (Inger Sundh) who admits to an on-going affair with Stig and professes a blossoming attraction for Inga herself. As passions surge and forbidden lust is embraced, Inga will be forced to confront a shocking secret and reconcile an aching heart with a tireless young body that can’t say no. (more…)

Francis Leroi – Les plaisirs solitaires (1977)

vlcsnap3463553ba7 Francis Leroi   Les plaisirs solitaires (1977)

logoimdbb Francis Leroi   Les plaisirs solitaires (1977)

Plot review:
The misadventures of three women in the same apartment block. After being disappointed with a boyfriend who wants her to whip him and having a lesbian fling with a schoolfriend, Joelle (Maryline Guillaume) finally manages to lose her viriginity with her teacher, Hector, but they are dicovered by her father and she is kicked out of their apartment.
Martine (Carole Gire) is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks pleasure elsewhere, for example with her friend (Dolores Manta and her husband). Martine’s husband finally leaves her. (more…)

Dusan Makavejev – Sweet Movie [+Extras] (1974)

61ldp8roaluk1 Dusan Makavejev   Sweet Movie [+Extras] (1974)

logoimdbb Dusan Makavejev   Sweet Movie [+Extras] (1974)

Plot Synopsis [AMG]
Like his WR: Mysteries of the Organism, Dusan Makavejev’s controversial 1974 feature Sweet Movie is firmly rooted in the principles of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. In cinematic terms, this means bombarding the audience with an onset of imagery so visceral, disgusting and repellent that it “awakens” the viewer in a Brechtian manner by “short-circuiting” the audience’s reactions. Sweet Movie interweaves two narratives. One begins with a trip to the “Miss World Virginity Contest,” whose winner, Miss Monde 1984 (Carole Laure) is auctioned off to Mr. Kapital (Animal House’s John Vernon), a Texas oil billionaire with an odd perversion. Instead of deflowering her on her wedding night, he sterilizes the terrified girl’s body with rubbing alcohol and showers her in urine with his massive gold-plated penis, while an audience watches bemusedly through his bedroom window. She later escapes from her bridegroom, in a suitcase, and winds up at a wild Viennese commune whose participants indulge in public defecation and a food orgy that wraps with a massive display of gurgling, yakking, and vomiting. At the tale’s conclusion, Miss Monde shoots a television commercial that involves writhing in a giant vat of chocolate, with which she is completely drenched from head to toe, as the cameras roll. The second story involves a woman, Anna Planeta (Anna Prucnal) piloting a candy-filled boat down a river, with a massive papier-mache head of Lenin on the prow and a lover in-tow who is a refugee from the Battleship Potemkin. (more…)

Carlos Puerto – Escalofrío aka Satans Blood (1978)

escalofriocover Carlos Puerto   Escalofrío aka Satans Blood (1978)

logoimdbb Carlos Puerto   Escalofrío aka Satans Blood (1978)

A young, expecting couple depart for a weekend getaway when they are lured to a country villa by another couple under the guise that the male of the latter recognizes the younger man as an old college acquaintance.

After some Ouija board dabbling gone awry, the young couple find themselves stranded by a storm and reluctantly agree to spend the night with their hosts. An orgy, dead dog, murder, suicide, and a couple of “return from the deads” later, our two protagonists successfully flee their captors only to find the nightmare may not be over after all.

“Escalofrío” aka “Satan’s Blood” has some extremely erotic scenes, primarily so because of the lovely Mariana Karr who plays the young, mother-to-be wife. There are also a few disturbing scenes involving cannibalism and sexual sacrifice, not to mention poor Blackey’s fate. (more…)

Dino Risi – Teresa (1987)

7df35808fb52 Dino Risi   Teresa (1987)

logoimdbb Dino Risi   Teresa (1987)

Teresa è sensuale e procace e, rimasta vedova, scopre di essere proprietaria di un tir e di molti debiti verso Nabucco. Questi cerca di approfittare del fatto per costringerla a sposarlo. Teresa non cede e decide di ripagare Nabucco utilizzando il tir con l’aiuto di Gino, esperto camionista. Tra i due nasce un amore burrascoso e per di più le cose con il tir non vanno troppo bene. A complicare la situazione ci si mettono anche un capomafia e un barone tedesco. Alla fine Teresa accetta di sposare Nabucco, ma sull’ altare… Written by Baldinotto da Pistoia (more…)

Klaus Lemke – Finale (2007)

finale01 Klaus Lemke   Finale (2007)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Klaus Lemke   Finale (2007)

Improvised sex and small crime fiction, shot during and involving the real soccer world cup 2006 in Hamburg, Germany (more…)

Gustav Wiklund – Exponerad aka Exposed aka The Depraved (1971)

poster1ou Gustav Wiklund   Exponerad aka Exposed aka The Depraved (1971)

logoimdbb Gustav Wiklund   Exponerad aka Exposed aka The Depraved (1971)

With periodic flashbacks and fantasy sequences, Exposed, in terms of its narrative structure at least, is a bit more complicated than your average sexploitation picture. While on the surface Lena is a typical, if flawed, central character the film lets us get into her head enough that even if we don’t completely see her as an innocent, we can at least feel for her. Her plight with Helge and his blackmailing ways is a sticky situation to be sure and while his coercion into the world of kinky sex allows for many titillating sequences, you can’t help but feel sorry for Lena. That said, she uses her sexuality to put herself in rather precarious situations and at times you almost wonder if she subconsciously wants the dysfunction that seems to follow her around. Consider this alongside the way that she’s treated by most of the men in the film, whose eyes linger on her quite voraciously, and you’re left trying to figure out how much of her dire situation she’s put herself in, rather than found herself in. (more…)

Milos ‘Misa’ Radivojevic – Bube u glavi aka This Crazy World of Ours (1970)

bubeuglavi Milos Misa Radivojevic   Bube u glavi aka This Crazy World of Ours (1970)

thgc Milos Misa Radivojevic   Bube u glavi aka This Crazy World of Ours (1970)

Two emotionally distraught lovers find life is too much for them and enter an insane asylum. He is beaten and watches as she is raped. An attending physician fondles and kisses her during an examination in front of an X ray machine. The poor girl is driven to suicide, and the man learns too late of the psychological and physical assaults that led to her death in this tragic drama. This feature was invited to appear at the Venice Film Festival in 1970. (more…)

Jan Halldoff – Rötmånad aka Dog Days (1970)

CLXXX Jan Halldoff   Rötmånad aka Dog Days (1970)

logoimdbb Jan Halldoff   Rötmånad aka Dog Days (1970)

Plot synopsis
Christina Lindberg’s film debut as a 17 year old girl that is forced to prostitute herself, while her father waits on drinks for the customers.
The hairdresser Assar Gustafsson’s wife Sally turns up in the pair’s country cottages. She has been disappeared in five years. Sally has been prostituted and now she put her 17 year old daughter Bella in work. The public swimming-pool on the pier becomes a drive in brothel for male summer visitors. Assar fails with his protests and he plans to kill Sally and he shoot Bella’s boyfriend in cold blod. Then the revenge beginns.The film’s manuscripts is made by the director Jan Halldoff, the producer Bengt Forslund and the author Lars’s Forssell, member of the Swedish Academy. (more…)

Robert J. Rosenthal – Zapped! (1982)

1fb6d7bc095d Robert J. Rosenthal   Zapped! (1982)

logoimdbb Robert J. Rosenthal   Zapped! (1982)

Peyton and Barney are fun loving high school students working on a science project with white mice. When one of the mice begins to move food toward itself with out touching it, Barney finds he has accidently discovered a formula for telekinetic powers. Now, how much trouble can a high school boy who can move things with just his mind get into? Written by John Vogel (more…)

Giuseppe Vari – Suor Emanuelle AKA Sister Emanuelle (1977)

P3031413 Giuseppe Vari   Suor Emanuelle AKA Sister Emanuelle (1977)

logoimdbb Giuseppe Vari   Suor Emanuelle AKA Sister Emanuelle (1977)

Plot Summary:
Renouncing her “sinful” past, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) has entered a convent and has dedicated herself to a life of service. Enter Monika (Monica Zanch)i, the free-spirited, free-loving daughter of a wealthy Baron. Emanuelle is charged with keeping Monika in line, but when the young girl’s wild ways bring back memories of her own sensual past, Emanuelle begins questioning her own religious and sexual identity. Advances from an escaped killer who is hiding in the convent serve to complicate matters further. (more…)

Joe D’Amato – Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage aka Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)

File04210 Joe DAmato   Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage aka Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)

logoimdbb Joe DAmato   Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage aka Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)

Journalist Emanuelle travels to the Orient to interview a close relative of a King, but comes too close to uncovering official secrets for the state’s liking. Her hotel room is ransacked and her passport stolen, leaving her stranded and at the mercy of a brutal gang of rapists, employed by the government. Her only hope of escape are her powers of seduction. (more…)

pixel Joe DAmato   Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage aka Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)