Gerard Damiano – Deep Throat (1972)


Tagline: How far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle?

Plot: Linda, frustrated that her hugely energetic sex life leaves her unsatisfied, seeks medical help. The doctor informs her that the reason for her problem is that her clitoris is mistakenly located at the back of her throat – but there is a very simple remedy, which the doctor, and various other men, proceed to demonstrate… Continue reading

Radley Metzger – The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)


Pornography meets Pygmalion. Misty, the hooker, meets the sexologist who thinks he can transform her from the nadir of passion into someone who inspires passion. While Misty is trained for her big test, seducing a homosexual artist, the relationship between the doctor and Misty remains unsettled.

While all of adult film auteur Radley Metzger’s soft and hardcore films bear his unmistakable stamp of elegance, only The Opening of Misty Beethoven broke the XXX mold and earned respected as a well made film which happened to contain actual sex. Thanks to a witty script, deft performances (yes, everyone here can act), striking sets, and continental locales, this is one for the time capsule.
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Bud Townsend – Alice in Wonderland (1976)


Derek Armstrong, All Movie Guide wrote:

Bud Townsend’s X-rated version of Alice in Wonderland carries the gonzo ’70s spirit of a porn-chic film like Fritz the Cat — which naturally also makes it shoddily produced and essentially outr . A film that must have been influenced by the heavy drug use of its creators, this Alice should probably be watched under those conditions as well. Populated by bizarre characters (not all of whom spring from the source material) decked out in furry animal costumes, the film moves along the basic story line, but peppers it with flippant sexual episodes, meant to be humorous more than titillating. Parts of it aren’t even that unconventional, and the sex is not especially graphic, but the overarching weirdness of it all is the lasting impression. The scenes, such as they are, are linked together by hilarious porn-punned title cards and zany band music, which plants the film’s tongue even more firmly in its cheek. This is not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a prototypical addition to the guilty-pleasure library of films that are so bad they’re good. Plus, for film enthusiasts, it’s a telling window into the cinematic experimentation of an era marked by its freedom from norms. Continue reading

Walerian Borowczyk – Contes Immoraux (Reconstruction) (1974)

Plot Summary:..
Four erotic tales from in various historical eras. The first, ‘The Tide’, is set in the
present day, and concerns a student and his young female cousin stranded on the beach by the tide, secluded from prying eyes. ‘Therese Philosophe’ is set in the nineteenth century, and concerns a girl being locked in her bedroom, where she contemplates the erotic potential of the objects contained within it. ‘Erzsebet Bathory’ is a portrait of the sixteenth-century countess who allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins, while ‘Lucrezia Borgia’ concerns an incestuous fifteenth-century orgy involving Lucrezia, her brother, and her father the Pope. Continue reading

David I. Frazer & Svetlana – Sexboat (1980)

Two young men, Laura’s driver and Roscoe, sneak aboard an all-female luxury liner. The ship caters to rich men who want to send their wives on a trip where they can’t cheat on them. So, when the two horny stowaways are discovered by a couple of ladies, they hush it up and keep the dudes for themselves. They are eventually caught by the captain and placed in the brig. This take-off on The Love Boat is quite funny and the women are beautiful and the sex is lively. Particularly exciting are Cody Nicole as the ship’s captain. There’s enough charm and erotic excitement to entertain just about everyone.
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Svetlana – 800 Fantasy Lane (1979)


IMDb review:
Directed by the multi-talented Svetlana, this playful tale involves two lowly gas pump attendants (including Jamie Gillis) who pose as oil magnates in order to gain entry into the exclusive Hollywood Star Realty … where the real estate agents are gorgeous, sexy starlets!
Met at the airport by 4 eager agents (including the spirited Nancy Suiter), the counterfeit tycoons are whisked away to tour an upscale mansion hidden in the Hollywood hills at 800 Fantasy Lane. And what a tour it is! The opulent mansion is filled with a bevy of beauties who go out of their way to make the schemers receptive to their pitch. Continue reading

Gary Graver – Co-Ed Fever (1980)


A national news magazine publisher decides to do a front-page story on his daughter’s sorority. The college administration and the sorority see the chance to gain popularity for the school, but are afraid that some of the girls have boyfriends that would project the “wrong” image. A decision is made to hook the girls with an alternate fraternity that has the “desired” image for the sake of the article. Predictably, the girls and their boys rebel. The antics begin as they all try to sabotage the whole project while still secretly seeing each other. Continue reading

Masaru Konuma – Ikenie fujin aka Wife to be sacrified (1974)


Akiko, a woman must endure an extreme ritual when her ex-husband, who has recently escaped from jail, kidnaps her, brings her to a house in remote wooded area. There he subjects her to sexual torture, tetherings, suspensions and humiliations. Through the rage and lust, the pair develop a relationship, that flourishes especially when Kunisada, the ex-husband, meets a young couple… Continue reading

Francis Leroi – Les tentations de Marianne aka Marianne’s Temptations (1973)

The cheeky team at Eurotika! step into the fray once more with the release of Francis Lerio’s ‘Mariannes Temptations’.

Yes, it’s time again to take a trip into 70’s french sleaze as only they knew how to produce ! ‘Mariannes Temptations’ basically involves a fiesty young french lass that lives at a ski resort with her family. Bored with the humdrum of village life and her abusive boyfriend Marianne soon meets two visiting city dwellers whom she quickly decides that she wants to run away and live with in the big city, where seemingly all the excitement happens !

Somewhat niave, Marianne is soon target to some psychological and sexual abuse of her new lover Bob, a construction worker that tricks her into thinking that he’s some sort of high fashion photographer. Bob happily uses her teenage sexuality for not only his depraved needs but for his freinds and work colleagues also in this sleaze gem. Continue reading

Jesus Franco – Falo Crest (1987)

Heiress, Angela Channing, invites her family to her villa to unveil a new product in the family’s wine range and also share the secret of the success of their vineyard.
The success and great taste is apparently due to the wine being mixed with the Channing ancestors’ spunk which has been bottled and preserved for added flavour. This spunk & wine combination also acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and while her children are intoxicated on the cloudy brew, Angela Channing makes the final move in her dastardly plot. Continue reading

Walerian Borowczyk – Une collection particulière [Oberhausen-Cut] (1973)


The Oberhausen-Cut differs from the final version in a number of ways. There’s no spoken narration (and hence no subtitles), the photographs are much more overtly pornographic (in the shorter cut, cunningly-positioned fingers and thumbs are used to censor details, suggesting that Borowczyk planned alternative edits at the time of shooting), and there’s the notorious sequence featuring genuine bestiality – although an introductory card explains that to comply with German law, part of the image in this sequence had to be pixilated. Image quality is a fair bit poorer, but given the rarity of this cut that’s understandable. [MichaelB – criterionforum] Continue reading

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