Francis Leroi & Iris Letans – Emmanuelle IV (1984)


In order to escape from her former lover Marc, Sylvia goes to Brazil where Dr. Santamo transforms her into the beautiful Emmanuelle. With this new identity comes a sexual awakening which is complicated by her memories of Marc. As with other entries in this series, the plot twists provide ample opportunities to expose the characters. Written by Eric Conrad> Continue reading

History Channel – Sex in ’69: The Sexual Revolution in America (2009)


Travel back to 1969 and uncover fascinating trends, people and events that forever changed the way Americans think about and have sex. Viewers will travel from the Playboy Penthouse in Los Angeles to San Francisco’s Hippie crash pads, the boardwalk in Atlantic City, a court room in Miami, and other spots across America to meet some of the women and men who found themselves caught between old values and new desires in 1969, and decided to do something about it. Some of them, like Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, actor Jim Brown, and Ray Manzarek of The Doors, will be famous. Others will be average Americans whose lives were transformed by the sexual tides coursing through the nation as the Sixties came to a close. But they will all have one thing in common—they will all have fascinating stories to tell. Continue reading

Ernst Hofbauer – Der neue heiße Sex-Report – Was Männer nicht für möglich halten (1971)


Some surprisingly subtle humour in the original, 4 February 2001
Author: Stefan Kahrs from Canterbury, England

This is much better written than the usual German sex films a la report style. As so often, the eroticism is rather flat and relies too much on nudity alone.

However, some of the comedy scenes work amazingly well – for example, the dialogue of the episode with the sales rep for Thomas Mann is very sharp (and highly contemporary, it would not work in 1965 or in 1980), as is the ironic interplay between narrative and pictures in the postman episode. It would be very easy though to completely ruin that sharpness in a dubbed version. Continue reading

Various – Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 4 (2004)

Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 4: Improper Liaisons

The undisputed King of Erotica lends his name to three of the sexiest short stories imaginable. Directed in the Tinto Brass style by some of the most talented new Italian directors working today, Tinto Brass has produced the films as well as featuring in his Trademark cameo appearances.

DREAM 29 mins
Directed by: Nicolai PENNESTRI Starring: Yulia Mayarchuk, Mauro Lorenz

A beautiful woman falls asleep on an isolated beach and starts dreaming about bizarre meetings: with a truck driver and a courier. Dreams then mix with reality. Continue reading

François Leterrier – Goodbye, Emmanuelle (1977)


Review from the IMDB page:
*** This comment may contain spoilers ***
Erotic and exotic film set in the Seychelles starring gorgeous Sylvia Kristel as ‘Emmanuelle’, the sexual adventuress.
When Emmanuelle’s open marriage allows her to meet and fall in love with island visitor ‘Peter’ (Jean-Pierre Bouvier), she begins drifting away from her husband and into her new lover’s arms. Things get complicated when Emmanuelle’s husband objects and tries to separate the two causing them to fall deeper in love.
Very pretty film with breath-taking scenery and nice tropical music is one of the better ‘Emmanuelle’ offerings.
Beautifully directed by Francois Letterier. Continue reading

Joel Seria – Mais ne nous delivrez pas du mal AKA: Don’t Deliver Us from Evil (1970)


IMDB wrote:

Shocking and disturbing

This obscure French film, still unavailable in English, is a more fictionalized and much more exploitative version of the same real-life murder later covered in Peter Jackson’s “Heavenly Creatures”. The two girls in this movie, however, are decidedly less sympathetic than the heroines of the later movie and they commit not only murder, but every form of religious sacrilege, as well as some unforgivable cruelty to some birds belonging to a poor, retarded handyman. It is thus pretty hard to feel much sympathy toward them (even if I could understand most of what they were saying).

The two girls are also decidedly younger than their juicy counterparts in “Heavenly Creatures” and the scenes of them prancing around in their underwear or one of the nymphets deliberately enticing a much older man and nearly being raped TWICE make for some decidedly uncomfortable viewing. To the movie’s credit these scenes are obviously intended to shock and disturb much more than titillate (and anyone who finds themselves being turned on by them probably has a lot bigger problems than this movie). The ending is very memorable and truly shocking. I would kind of like to watch this movie with English or Spanish subtitles, but I’m not really sure I could sit through it again. Continue reading

Noboru Tanaka – Jitsuroku Abe Sada aka A Woman Called Abe Sada (1975)


Critical Appraisal (From Wiki)
Midnight Eye’s review of A Woman Called Sada Abe compares it to In the Realm of the Senses, notes, “Aside from being less sexually explicit, it is also smaller scale, more intimate, more cinematically stylised and arguably more erotic.”[5]

A Woman Called Sada Abe is generally considered one of Nikkatsu’s five best Roman porno films.[1] Many Japanese critics consider it to be superior to Oshima’s internationally better-known In the Realm of the Senses, and Junko Miyashita is called a more realistic Sada Abe than Eiko Matsuda.[2] Miyashita’s performance in the film has been judged one of the best of her career, and the film has been called director Tanaka’s masterpiece.[1] Continue reading

Barbet Schroeder – Maîtresse [+Extras] (1975)


Drifter Olivier (Gérard Depardieu) lands in Paris and partners up on a friend’s home invasion. Ostensibly they’re breaking into the vacant flat of a vacationing old lady, but in reality it’s the kinky dungeon of a high-class dominatrix with a powerful client list. The bearish Depardieu falls for the lithe professional, blonde Ariane (Bulle Ogier) in a black bob wig and dressed in tight leather and latex, and soon moves into her handsome flat while she plies her trade downstairs. Barbet Schroeder’s kinky little slice of sexual decadence is initially titillating and erotic, but soon turns grotesque. Ariane’s clients desire her domination but only as contracted: They control their abuse. The romance becomes a warped mirror of her career, Ariane allowing Olivier the appearance of control as he slides behind the driver’s seat of her car, but setting the parameters of his dominance. Easygoing Olivier soon begins to simmer with frustration and jealousy, unable to comprehend her twisted world of sexual deviance, and attempts to “save” her from her lifestyle. Schroeder pushes the portrayal of S&M and bondage to the limits with graphic scenes of pain, torment, and mutilation, presented with a bland detachment that makes them all the more uncomfortable to watch. He brings that same dispassionate attitude to the romance, which results in an uninvolving yet undeniably fascinating story of a quirky affair. Continue reading

Torgny Wickman – Sweden is Love (1970)


A strange, looking to be super rare documentary.
It’s basically a voice-over man and sex specialists (real or actors ?) talking about sex in a very libertarian approach and how the Western society of the time was trying to repress it, which was totally couterproductive because sex and sexual desires are a totally natural human function and repressing it was creating more harm than good. The makers of this film take Sweden as an example of a country with a more liberal approach but not enough as they spend a good deal explaining why the Swedish system doesn’t work either. To illustrate the different chapters — like prostitution, the sex industry, handicapped people, etc. — they show sex scenes with what looks to be Swedish actors but it is not said whether the scenes were shot exclusively for this movie or whether it is archive footage from other movies. ” Continue reading

Gilles Néret – Erotica Universalis (1994)

750 pages of fully illustrated Erotic Art, from the prehistory and ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, through the Middle Ages until the XIX and XX century, from the anonymous artists to some of the best artists of all times, like Rembrandt and Picasso, and many many more…The artistic quality of work varies a lot, but the excitement is always there, and the book fulfils all of the sexual categories, preferences, fantasies, etc. Taschen was the first to do it in a such a volume to bring the (mostly) unknown Erotic Art to the masses, at a very affordable price. A real revolution! Continue reading

Maria Beatty – The Black Glove / The Elegant Spanking (1995 – 1997)

“every stroke sends me into a raging storm of desire”

This is probably the best BDSM erotica shorts you’re ever going to watch. Maria Beatty shoots in beautiful black and white and with an extremely rare goal in the field of pornography: art. Although the films are completely explicit, and sometimes disturbing for those not into S/M, these are not works aimed solely for masturbation or the likes. The Elegant Spanking (1995) and The Black Glove (1997) are beautiful, somber, sometimes eery but always tasteful. Wonderful dark-toned soundtrack accompanies wonderful takes of foot fetishism, spanking, bondage, cross dressing, watersports, and even genital torture. Artful Hardcore Continue reading

Werner Hedman – I Løvens tegn aka in the Sign of the Lion [+ Extras] (1976)


IMDB Review:
For a Sunday afternoon??, 17 May 2001
Author: hans38

This lovely astrology sign series has six titles. ‘The Leo sign’ version is one of my favorites. It deals with a plot whereby erotic diaries, just being published create turbulent situations among the persons involved. This all with flashbacks in a beauty full historian decor, shot with professional Danish actors and a professional director. This movie combines humor and slapstick. The difference with other movies is that it actually shows the spicy details. These hard core scenes are very well integrated in the story and become a natural part of it almost in an innocent way, almost like a family video for a Sunday afternoon. Wish there were a lot more movies like this.. Continue reading

Radley Metzger – The Lickerish Quartet (1970)


Synopsis :
In their castle, a wealthy couple (Frank Wolff and Erika Remberg) watch a blue movie with their adult son, played by Paolo Turco. Later that evening at a local carnival, they spot a woman (Silvana Venturelli) who appears to be one of the performers in the film and decide to take her home with them. Although a subsequent viewing of the film calls the woman’s identity into question, their house guest quickly succeeds in seducing the various members of the family, resulting in the revelation of certain facts, fears and desires. Continue reading