Vittorio De Sisti – Quando l’amore è sensualità (1973)

 Vittorio De Sisti   Quando lamore è sensualità (1973)

thgc Vittorio De Sisti   Quando lamore è sensualità (1973)


A young girl (Agostina Belli)marries a handsome and successful but brutish local butcher(Gianni Macchia) at the behest of her contessa stepmother. The new wife turns out to be frigid on their wedding night, and the couple have a big fight. The wife goes out of town to stay with her older, married sister (Ewa Aulin) and gets involved with her sister’s jaded swinger friends. The husband consoles himself by picking up prostitutes and carrying on with a sexy, voluptuous neighbor (Femi Benussi) right in his new mother-in-law’s villa. For some reason the mother-in-law considers this a turn-on and becomes sexually drawn to her loutish son-in-law. . .

Music composed by Ennio Morricone Continue reading

John Seeman – Virginia (1983)

2Zpoivw John Seeman   Virginia (1983)

thgc John Seeman   Virginia (1983)

Virginia, played by Shauna Grant, is a young girl who has an erotic fixation on her father. This causes a lot of problems with his latest girlfriend, who happens to be about the same age. Dad is a professional photographer and often heads out into the woods to shoot the landscapes — or so he tells everyone. What he really does is take candid shots of couples making love. One day Virginia finds some of his photos and she gets furious. After explaining that he was hired to take the photos, Dad calms the girl, which eventually leads them to explore hidden incestuous feelings they have for each other. The lush countryside creates a very smooth, sensual feeling. Continue reading

Ib Fyrsting & Carl Nielsen – Jeg så Jesus dø AKA I Saw Jesus Die (1975)

JegsaaJesusdoe Ib Fyrsting & Carl Nielsen   Jeg så Jesus dø AKA I Saw Jesus Die (1975)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Ib Fyrsting & Carl Nielsen   Jeg så Jesus dø AKA I Saw Jesus Die (1975)

How do you create a movie based on the Christian bible in the second half of the 20th century without staging a kitschy spectacle? How do you avoid the usual parade of dead symbols and void gestures that do no longer cause the viewer to reflect upon anything else than which artistic effects are used to show the symbols and gestures? And how do you cram the Christian bible into a 1h 30min movie without resorting to filming hand-picked episodes that fit your own petty human(ist) ideas about an ideal Jesus? Continue reading

Stephen Dwoskin – Central Bazaar (1976)

g47gI7s Stephen Dwoskin   Central Bazaar (1976)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Stephen Dwoskin   Central Bazaar (1976)

For this remarkable experimental film, the provocative avant-garde legend Stephen Dwoskin gathered together a group of strangers and filmed them as they explored their fantasies over a period of five days: a project that now sounds a little like TV’s Big Brother. The ceremonial gowns and make-up here not only evoke the eroticism of European horror movies but also highlight the film’s interplay between performance and intimacy.

Jonas Mekas called it ‘theatre of life’… Continue reading

Larry Revene – Raw Talent (1984)

 Larry Revene   Raw Talent (1984)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Larry Revene   Raw Talent (1984)

IMDb comments:
RAW TALENT, and to a lesser extent its two equally recommended sequels, is a searing indictment of the adult industry circa the mid-1980s by people who knew it well like cinematographer turned director Larry Revene and writer Rick Marx – both frequent collaborators of the late great Chuck Vincent – and producer Joyce Snyder, who had just had a hit with Ron Sullivan’s sarcastic PUBLIC AFFAIRS, as the dog eat dog microcosm they clearly considered it. Not unlike every other professional environment then where people are sucked dry of imagination and creativity in order to generate more cash-flow. The film’s feral tone tended to alienate a lot of established contemporary carnal critics, which may stand as the best possible evidence that its makers had succeeded in their set-up. Continue reading

Jean-Claude Roy – Brigade call-girls (1977)

9980a09f50af4afb19298f298935e52b Jean Claude Roy   Brigade call girls (1977)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Jean Claude Roy   Brigade call girls (1977)

synopsis from imdb:

A mysterious maniac is killing Madame Chlo’s (Danièle Vlaminck) call-girls. Leila did not return from her mission in Moscow, and Madame is sending some of her girls to the dentist before their missions all around the world. Jacques Lefin (Jean-Yves Gautier) is the detective in charge, but as he watches the girls, particularly the beautiful Gigi (Erika Cool), he is being followed, and risking his life” Continue reading

Joseph W. Sarno – Marcy (1970)

marcys Joseph W. Sarno   Marcy (1970)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Joseph W. Sarno   Marcy (1970)

From Mondo Digital:
“At the height of his creative output, director Joe Sarno was known for flinging out an ungodly number of softcore films each year with a surprisingly high standard of quality. Psychological insight, intensely erotic love scenes, and off-kilter dialogue were his stock in trade with films like All the Sins of Sodom and Young Playthings, but sandwiched in between these are some really oddball ones. Case in point: Marcy, a 1968 hayseed melodrama that feels like a stylistic precursor to the country cutie smut films of Harry Novak the following decade like Sassy Sue and Country Cuzzins, albeit with a lot less of that cornpone humor. The plot also feels like sort of a deep-fried riff on D.H. Lawrence’s The Fox, believe it or not, which Norman J. Warren also turned into a sex/sci-fi trash classic with Prey. Continue reading

Jean-Claude Roy – Accouplements pour voyeurs (1980)

 Jean Claude Roy   Accouplements pour voyeurs (1980)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Jean Claude Roy   Accouplements pour voyeurs (1980)

A call-girl named Gina (Christine Lodes) decides to open up a special type of “spa” with one of her clients Francois (Ceray). Francois recruits two comely ladies Sylvie (Lucie Doll) and Sabine (Morgane)…
The gimmick is that clients in action can see other clients while they themselves are being attended to. This causes a problem when a female client, Serena, sees her husband (Pontello) in the next room. The problem is resolved with an orgy. Continue reading

Ann-Marie Berglund – Veck-Ända i Stockholm aka Weekend in Stockholm (1976)

 Ann Marie Berglund   Veck Ända i Stockholm aka Weekend in Stockholm (1976)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Ann Marie Berglund   Veck Ända i Stockholm aka Weekend in Stockholm (1976) wrote:
A young red haired girl (Ann-Marie Berglund) arrives at Stockholm Central. She’s in Stockholm to visit her long time friend Marie. Marie’s boyfriend Jan, a guy in all denim clothing, is there to pick her up. They drive around Stockholm til’ late night. Later in Marie’s apartment they all end up in bed. Jan needs an assistant, so he gets on the phone to call his Norwegian friend Kent (Knud Jorgensen). The redhead falls in love with Kent. Continue reading

Mitsuru Meike – Swing (2003)

3deMDku Mitsuru Meike   Swing (2003)

Akemi works part time to support herself and her lazy husband. One day she meets an old friend and the friend’s husband. She becomes aggravated during their conversation when the couple suggest that Akemi’s husband’s irresponsible behavior is justifiable. As her frustration increases, she meets a woman who encourages her to experiment sexually, which in turn leads Akemi to a labyrinth world of sex and swapping. Continue reading

Roman Nowicki – Mark of the whip 2 (2010)

 Roman Nowicki   Mark of the whip 2 (2010)

Plot / Synopsis

Here is the much anticipated sequel to MARK OF THE WHIP, possibly the greatest of the sado-erotic cult films. The action begins immediately where the first film ended. In the original, poor Sylvia learned – firsthand – the joys of the bullwhip; now she tries to fight her addiction. But she soon learns the the sting of the lash also has a very dark side. Fans will be pleased to hear that MOTW 2 carries on from where the first film left off . Featuring many new sets and locations and a host of new stars (such as Tiffany Love) along with some well known faces (Maria Vaslova, Kate Blond) plus a special cameo by guest star Stacy Silver who is whipped for the first time ever on film. Mark of the Whip 2 features some of the strongest whipping scenes ever seen in such a movie. This one will take you on a stylishly dark journey into the depths of erotic depravity. Continue reading

pixel Roman Nowicki   Mark of the whip 2 (2010)