Jack Deveau – Left-handed (1972)

 Jack Deveau   Left handed (1972)

thgc Jack Deveau   Left handed (1972)

Synopsis/Background wrote:
Taglines: This is Ray. He is Left Handed…..

Story about an antique dealer, his hustler boyfriend, and their pot dealer — and the relationships that ensue; Deveau’s first film.

This film was the first Hand-in-Hand movie, the first scripted gay porn flic, and the first musically scored gay porn flic. It opened in the same 55th Street Playhouse as Wakefield Poole’s Boys in the Sand, just after Boys ended it’s 26 week run. The original version had a fisting scene that has been removed in more recent versions. Dialog is dubbed. 8 scenes listed here but it was sold in 6 200′ reels. (more…)

Antonio D’Agostino – Eva man aka Due sessi in uno (1980)

 Antonio DAgostino   Eva man aka Due sessi in uno (1980)

thgc Antonio DAgostino   Eva man aka Due sessi in uno (1980)

About the Plot:
A professor conducting lovemaking experiments with people. His favourite subject is Evaman who is a nice looking blond with a bigger dick than her boyfriend. some bad guys want to kidnap Evaman and cut of her genitalia with an axe and everyone has sex and swims around naked in a pool. It might actually be meant as some sort of comedy but we cant be certain. (more…)

Mario Bianchi – La bimba di Satana aka Satan’s Baby Doll (1982)

 Mario Bianchi   La bimba di Satana aka Satans Baby Doll (1982)

thgc Mario Bianchi   La bimba di Satana aka Satans Baby Doll (1982)

Synopsis – IMDB User Comment:
The plot is deceptively simple: A wealthy dirtbag with a taste for smack throttles his
philandering wife in a fit of rage after discovering her illicit lesbian affair with the
sexy, shapely nun employed to care for the man’s invalid brother. During her funeral she possesses the body of her sexy teenage daughter and over the course of the film compels the girl to bring about the deaths of everyone in the household that the woman had slept wit.
Which was all of them, at one point or another, including a sinister looking butler who was apparently dabbling in the black arts down in his private little satanic shrine in the
catacombs near the family crypt and somehow enabled the woman’s allegiance to Lucifer. (more…)

Robert Caramico – Sex Ritual of the Occult (1970)

 Robert Caramico    Sex Ritual of the Occult (1970)

thgc Robert Caramico    Sex Ritual of the Occult (1970)

IMDB wrote:
A “fake-umentary” adult movie. Vincent Stevens (“Narrator”) plays some kind of scientist, who introduces the scenes supposedly depicting real witchcraft rituals. They do not. He does reveal that the parts are played by professional actors. All the scenes are made on the same set, with an alter of some sort, and at one point a coffin. In each scene the players continue to wear the same Satanic costumes, which are soon shed.
– Written by Shadow (more…)

Father John – From Lust Till Dawn (2002)

wKEpVt5 Father John   From Lust Till Dawn (2002)

thgc Father John   From Lust Till Dawn (2002)

Lust Till Dawn starts with a woman tells a cop her story about heroes who fought vampires, battling them to try and get to the vampire Queen. When they finally reach her, she morphs into a stuntman, and then fights with them before she gets burned. Her ashes are hidden, but her underlings have recently tracked them down. To bring her back a nubile vampire seduces a guy, and then bites him during sex. He looses a fair bit of blood, but fortunately none of it was needed to maintain his erection; he just keeps going till he climaxes, and then he dies. His blood awakens the Queen and the (blood) sucking resumes. To restore her full power, the Queen must feed on the blood of the offspring of the heroes that burned her. Her minions go after them, but before killing them and bringing the Queen their bodily fluids, they must naturally seduce them. (more…)

Carlos Aured & Sergio Bergonzelli – Apocalipsis sexual (1982)

kuZ8PyN Carlos Aured & Sergio Bergonzelli    Apocalipsis sexual (1982)

thgc Carlos Aured & Sergio Bergonzelli    Apocalipsis sexual (1982)

Director Aured is best remembered for his early films with Paul Naschy. These titles include THE MUMMY’S REVENGE, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB and CURSE OF THE DEVIL. With those types of credits he might seem like a strange choice for a hardcore Spanish flick but there’s no denying that he certainly created one of the strangest flicks ever made. Five people in a gang (two played by Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay) have fun by constantly having sex with one another and doing petty crimes but they decide to take things a step further by kidnapping a rich man’s daughter. Soon they’re demanding one-million in cash but they’re also turned on by the fact that the girl is a virgin and they all want a part of her. Soon the victim falls for one of the members and tries to get him to run off with her. As with many films in this genre, this one was filmed in a soft (74-minute) and hard (92-minute) version and I was able to see a subtitled hardcore print. The picture quality was fairly bad but it was certainly nice to see the subtitles. The story itself really isn’t anything that great and in facts it’s rather simple. The majority of the time we’re either watching sex or the various characters are talking about forming smaller groups and leaving the rest behind. None of the dialogue is all that good but for this type of film it’s not overly bad. The crime aspect of the story isn’t anything you wouldn’t see in a third-rate American porno and it all leads up to an ending that most people will see coming from a mile away. (more…)

Jim Buckley – SOS: Screw on the Screen (1975)

 Jim Buckley   SOS: Screw on the Screen (1975)

thgc Jim Buckley   SOS: Screw on the Screen (1975)

IMDB user comment:

Dated peek at the men behind Screw Magazine
4 August 2011 | by lor_ (New York, New York)

Styled as a video magazine before home video (VHS and Betamax) was invented, SOS has Screw Magazine honchos Al Goldstein and Jim Buckley on a revealing ego trip, fronting tasteless XXX skits, with several big porn stars of the period along for the ride. It survives merely as a time capsule.

Film spotlights the main failing of Screw, a periodical I never read back in the day for the simple reason that it was not erotic (its misleading status) but rather a compendium of low-humor, pandering to the “Adult” industry and of course a soap box for Goldstein. His “Midnight Blue” series had the same problem, ultimately self-destructing as a nightly rant where Al would swear and threaten his lawyer, an ex-wife or two, or anyone else who dared to cross his path and look at him sideways. I was on good terms with Al, having interviewed him a couple of times and even toured his offices, so thankfully I never made it into his cross hairs. (more…)

Toshiharu Ikeda – Sei kari udo aka Sex Hunter (1980)

 Toshiharu Ikeda   Sei kari udo aka Sex Hunter (1980)

thgc Toshiharu Ikeda   Sei kari udo aka Sex Hunter (1980)

A movie from the director of EVIL DEAD TRAP, based on a manga by Dirty Matsumoto.

Sex Hunter opens with an exquisitely photographed performance of Swan Lake featuring Miki as the prima ballerina. After the recital she receives numerous bouquets, one of which is from. Akiko, a renowned ballerina who runs an exclusive ballet school. On her way home after the show Miki is approached by Akiko who invites her to join her academy. Miki agrees and is brought to the isolated location at once to begin her training. (more…)

Miguel Picker & Chyng Sun – The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships (2008)

 Miguel Picker & Chyng Sun   The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships (2008)

thgc Miguel Picker & Chyng Sun   The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships (2008)

Examines the unprecedented role that commercial pornography occupies in American popular culture. The film explores what happens when images of sexual degradation are used for arousal. (more…)

José Bénazéraf – Adolescence Pervertie (1974)

 José Bénazéraf   Adolescence Pervertie (1974)

thgc José Bénazéraf   Adolescence Pervertie (1974)

Having seen virtually all of Jose Benazeraf’s mainly excellent softcore 1960s movies and a good selection (over a dozen) of his later XXX offerings I was unprepared for this off-the-wall 1974 transitional film. This is one case where the dreaded “auteur’s explanation” that accompanies so many wretched DVDs would be helpful.
I will offer my own pet theory, certainly wrong but convincing enough for me. I contend that Jose found the chance to travel to Italy and film an Italian co-production to be an irresistible opportunity to lampoon the then-current trend of Italian cinema to make sexy left-wing film tracts. Not like the Godard tracts of the ’60s, but many wonderful and hokey movies that I love, like Ugo Tognazzi fighting the class struggle against Romy Schneider in LA CALIFFA or any of the Bellocchio efforts of the time. (more…)

Jesus Franco – Les avaleuses aka Female Vampire (1973)

 Jesus Franco   Les avaleuses aka Female Vampire (1973)

thgc Jesus Franco   Les avaleuses aka Female Vampire (1973)


Uncut, widescreen print of one of Jess Franco’s strangest films. Lina Romay plays the mute sperm sucking vampire in this ultra rare version containing all the hardcore inserts, cut from recent releases. In German predominantly, there is a few minutes of English dialogue, and now with custom English subtitles. (more…)

Jack Deveau – Drive (1974)

 Jack Deveau    Drive (1974)

thgc Jack Deveau    Drive (1974)

Synopsis/Background wrote:

Synopsis: The title refers both to the male sexual drive and to the fact that the hero of the movie is always tooling around Manhattan in a Lamborghini; and a villainess drag queen who tries to rid men of their sex drives! Sounds amazing, with a screenplay by Christopher Rage (who also, in drag, plays the villainess Arachne) with over 50 people in the cast – Starring: Mary Jim Sstunning (a.k.a. Christopher Rage) as Arachne; Mark Luna, Mark Woodward, Peter de Rome, Peter Fersen, Shawn Roberts, Michael Corrigan, Frank Ventgen, Brian Destazio, Richard Abel, Jack Brusca, Harvey Shamber, Jaap Penraat, Stan Glinter, S.V. Newman, and John Fromme – In the disco: Freeman Freeman, Chris Ritter, Avery Addison, Bill Gillers, Steven Sampson, Bill Fitter, Jim Case, Ted Valkus, Renfroe Meyer, Lorrenzo Lasalle, Arch Fairbanks, Denny Mans, Arch Hilborn, Ray Frank, Chris Mobley, Al Kelms; In the Steamroon: Marty Marks, Rusty Lewis, Tray Christopher, Nick Shulman, Paul Turley, Rober Alvarez, Clif Dover, Jack Deveau, Mark Sayles, Joe Gun, Seth Poole; In the Locked Room: George Culver, W. Grippo, Marvin Desimone, John Willard, Paul Conaway, Frederick C. Mongue II; In the Dungeon: Curtis Brtown, Carlyle Taylor, Cal Mansour, Kenric Hawley, Joaquin Mineo, Richard Morrisey; In the Water Bucket: Harold Reardon, and Under the Blade: Kenric Brown. (more…)

Arduino Sacco – La sfida erotica (1986)

 Arduino Sacco    La sfida erotica (1986)

thgc Arduino Sacco    La sfida erotica (1986)

This is a very rare relic from 80’s italian XXX, and it is also a masterpiece in inept cinematography and deceit… The movie features two italian mature pornstars: veteran Marina Frajese (aka Marina Lotar) and relatively newcomer Paola Senatore. Both of them were discovered by cerebrated sleaze and hardcore guru Joe D’Amato, and this movie is about an erotic (well… porno!) challenge between them, two womed deeply in love with the same man. But, wait! I’m not really sure if they ever meet each other, but in this movie there is not a single scene where they are together in the same shot. Even beloved Ed Wood couldn’t have done it better…. in fact “La Sfida Erotica” was done by editing and joining leftovers from a couple of different flicks, bound together by offscreen narration. It culminates in an hilarious orgy sequence where everyone involved -like in a fashion defile’- presents himself walking on a stage filled with smoke and backlights caressing his crotch. Here the two female contenders finally meets but…. they are masked! Lots of out of focus shots, bad lighting, bad acting, senseless mumbling, unrelated scene editing and unerotic sex action.
Interesting 80’s soundtrack music that varies from sleazy pop to hammond funk, to creepy, dark atmospheres (during an orgy scene a dog can be heard howling!).
Don’t be misleaded by the high rate on IMDB (8,0)…. it comes from a mere 5 users who probably had something to do with the film…! (more…)

Nick Millard – Senta: Danish Pastry (1972)

 Nick Millard   Senta: Danish Pastry (1972)

thgc Nick Millard   Senta: Danish Pastry (1972)

Here’s Nick still milking the once popular Danish porn imports of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. I would say the ad campaign probably fooled quite a few people. However there is nothing remotely “Scandinavian” about this one.
This is the last of my Nick Millard films and it also marks the end of this phase of Millard’s career. Pornographer Nick Millard (aka Nick Phillips) copied Andy Warhol’s Factory system; just as the pop artist had minions cranking out works in his Manhattan studio, Millard financed other filmmakers to crank out porn for him. Since Nick never put any credits on his films, it is difficult to sort out which ones were outsourced. This one is supposedly directed by “Alan Sinclair” but it has Millard’s stamp all over it and I can find no info that Sinclair is a real person. (more…)

pixel Nick Millard   Senta: Danish Pastry (1972)