Walter Boos – Schulmädchen-Report 10: Irgendwann fängt jede an aka Smartie Pants (1976)


Um ihren Unterricht über die Themen “Recht und Moral” anschaulicher und interessanter zu machen, berichtet eine ältere Lehrerin über fünf Ereignisse. So erfahren die wissbegierigen Schülerinnen etwas über den sexuellen Alltag von Nachhilfelehrern, werden mit den Aktivitäten eines triebhaften Mädchen ebenso konfrontiert wie mit dem unschönen Verhalten eines Miststücks, dürfen die Spezies “Exhibitionist” unter die Lupe nehmen und erhalten Einblicke in ein amouröses Doppelleben. Continue reading

Ken Dixon – The Best of Sex and Violence (1981)


The wonderfully lurid lay it all out on the table outrageous title does not lie! This resolutely seamy pip does indeed spew forth 28 of the most spectacularly loopy, torrid and trashy 70’s and 80’s exploitation trailers to ever ooze their slimy way across the big screen. In fact, this blithely brazen schlockfest is often downright mesmerizing in all its marvelously meretricious magnificence.
There’s plenty of sexy, shapely and positively succulent unclad distaff skin on gloriously abundant display throughout: Among the luscious ladies who doff their duds and bare their beautiful bodies are the adorable Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith (the soft-core musical version of “Cinderella”), vampy Russ Meyer starlet Edy Williams (“Dr. Minx” with William Smith), superb six foot drink of dirty blonde water Dixie Lee Peabody (“Bury Me An Angel”), the perpetually naked Laura Gemser (“Emmanuelle Around the World”), a pre-Prince Vanity (“Tanya’s Island”), and a double dose of the delectable Claudia Jennings (“The Singles Girls” and the rowdy redneck romp “Truck Stop Women;” the latter also features Uschi Digard). Fans of the awesomely bountiful Phyllis Davis get to see a lot of this under-appreciated actress’ substantial assets in the memorably sleazy trailers for “Sweet Suger” and “Terminal Island.” Even better still, the ravishing Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson shows off her considerable smoking hot stuff in the fantastic promo for “The Working Girls.” Continue reading

Nick Millard – Sappho ’68 (1968)


From 70’s Swedish adult film director Jan Anders, comes a deep, penetrating piece of artful vintage erotica! A probing examination of woman-to-woman pleasures, SAPHHO ’68 was a groundbreaking adult film that balanced artful, tasteful filmmaking with the seductive innocence of the soft core nudie-cutie genre.

A probing examination of woman-to-woman pleasures Sappho ’68 is a groundbreaking adult film that balances artful, tasteful filmmaking with the seductive innocence of the nudie-cutie genre. Continue reading

Edwin Brown – For the Love of Pleasure (1979)



imdb .com wrote:
After he is killed, a crook finds himself in an afterlife of non-stop sexual pleasures.

imdb .com wrote:
Boy, you get a little older and you find yourself saying, “They just don’t make ’em like they used to,” even about adult movies. Back in the late ’70’s/early ’80’s the films did actually resemble what most people would call an honest-to-gosh movie. One even went to a theater to see them! Continue reading

José Bénazéraf – Nuit la plus longue AKA Sexus (1964)



As we all often learn in life, it’s the little, simple things that can have a big impact. Bénazéraf doesn’t go for complexity here, and his plot is pretty simple for the most part. Yet Sexus does leave it’s mark on the mind, and sometimes a director can communicate things without even realising it. With it’s odd framing device, throbbing score and luminous imagery, Bénazéraf lets us in on his obsessions, and if you are in the right frame of mind, you can dive right in with him into the whirlpool. I look forward to covering more of his films in these pages. Though not quite in the realm of some of the more obvious Sinema covered here, the blood pumping under the filmic flesh would appear to be the same. It’s a hip, jazzy feast for the senses, if you can track it down. Continue reading

Jack Arnold – Games Girls Play AKA The Bunny Caper AKA Sex Play (1974)


Sultry ’70s B-movie bombshell Christina Hart (THE STEWARDESSES, HELTER SKELTER) stars as Bunny O’Hara, the underage man-eating daughter of a wealthy American businessman. After sleeping her way through the brass ranks of the U.S. military, Bunny is packed off to Swinging London and a remote finishing school for wayward rich girls.

Bored in the British boondocks, Bunny leads her nubile classmates in a contest to seduce a group of foreign dignitaries visiting London for disarmament talks…the winner being the first girl to get her V.I.P. into B-E-D!

Escapist, sexist and as politically incorrect as they go, GAMES GIRLS PLAY (aka THE BUNNY CAPER) is a titillating product of its heedless time, directed with an unblinking eye by Jack Arnold (THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN) and costarring Ed Bishop (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY). Continue reading

Pasquale Fanetti – Malù e l’amante aka Amante: The Lover (1989)



Starring Malù.

Sometimes unfulfilled passions within a relationship can force a couple to strange and desperate situations. Florentine is a young, beautiful and passionate woman with a desire for love. Feeling abandoned by her husband’s impotency, she searches for outside affection and seduction within brief, but often passionate encounters.

During this web of desire she encounters Dorothy. Unknown to Florentine she is her husband’s accomplice. In this twisted, frenzied fantasy her husband Jake becomes excited and aroused by the seduction of his wife. With his secret darkrooms and two-way mirrors he begins to desire his wife once more. Florentine, with the helpof their adopted son, discovers his world of distorted fantasy. Amazed, but realising that Jake still loves her, she must act. In the bedroom, a man and a woman make bold sensual love which Jake watches convinced that it is his wife. But Florentine soon makes her seduction move on Jake. For Florentine and Jake this is the beginning of a new phase of sensual desire. Continue reading

Dusan Makavejev – Sweet Movie (1974)


Dušan Makavejev’s anarchic 1974 comedy goes even further than his previous W.R., depicting more trangressions than the average viewer’s imagination could conjure up.

From Time Out London:
Potentially one of the most scandalous films ever made—except that it has been little seen outside France and has not aged well. Seemingly completely episodic, the ‘plot’ follows the adventures of a beauty queen (Laure), a certified virgin who escapes a disastrous honeymoon with the richest man in the world to join a group of carefree sensualists. The latter are the once-notorious Otto Muehl troupe, who delight in pissing and shitting as a public spectacle. This is cross-cut with the journey of the good ship SS Survival (which sports Karl Marx for a masthead) on the Seine. Laure herself sought legal suppression of certain shots which, in their blanked out form, ironically suggest even more sexual activity on her part. Sadly, this highly idiosyncratic melange of sex and politics, for all its liberating pretensions, only served to put Makavejev’s career back a good few steps. –David Thompson Continue reading

Gary Graver – Erika’s Hot Summer (1971)


“The film, which is pretty short at 65 minutes, is about a sexually active photographer named Steve who does nude photography for a living. He is able to bed women with his good looks and his prowess in the sack. He meets Sherrie (Montello) at a dance club and they have a relationship. However, one day on the beach he meets up with Erika (Erica Gavin) who is the woman of his dreams and has an affair with her and hoping that Sherrie doesn’t find out. Continue reading

José Bénazéraf – Whores’ Port (1984)


Three French prostitutes, finding the harbor docks too chilly for their scanty outfits, recess to a nearby arcade. One of them (Michelle Villers) manages to attract the attention of a male there (John Oury), and the two head off to the French equivalent of a Japanese ‘love hotel’. The other two hookers (Laura May & Marianne Aubert) catch the eye of Gabriel Pontello while playing foosball. He leaves his pinball machine to instruct them on playing tips. Marianne is plucked from the scene by a male (Richard Lemieuvre) who just won some money playing horseshoes. Off they go to the same hotel but the only room available for them is the same room which is occupied by the first couple. They have finished and are dressing, but it is still a dilemma when the hotel clerk opens the door for Richard and Marianne. The three females meet up back at the arcade. Gabriel reappears and picks up all of them by dangling the keys to his Buick Le Sabre. He drives them to his mansion. He is staging a sex party there that evening, and the three of them shall be the star attractions. His resident clothes designer, a gay male, decides to design some special outfits for the ladies. He sweats and frets and we get a glimpse all three of our females undressed. The next scene opens that evening when two other females mysteriously appear and the party begins. Continue reading

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