Claude Bernard-Aubert – Chambres d’amis tres particulieres (1983)

 Claude Bernard Aubert   Chambres damis tres particulieres (1983)

thgc Claude Bernard Aubert   Chambres damis tres particulieres (1983)

A couple arrives to an old Mansion which they inherited from their late aunt… and they soon arrive to find with the help of the house maid that the house is full of erotic tricks and voyeuristic gadgets what makes their inner animal instincts to flow… (more…)

Semih Evin – Sev Beni aka Love Me (1979)

50371a49ccea6589323484f9e4653117 Semih Evin   Sev Beni aka Love Me (1979)

It was directed in 1979 and Zerrin Dogan , Bulent Kayabas are starring in this movie. A couple had a plane crash and they took refuge to a man’s house. (more…)

José Bénazeraf – Breaking And Entering AKA Du Foutre Plein Le Cul (1984)

Breaking and Entering frame 441 José Bénazeraf   Breaking And Entering AKA Du Foutre Plein Le Cul (1984)

thgc José Bénazeraf   Breaking And Entering AKA Du Foutre Plein Le Cul (1984)

In the South of France a naughty band of female cat burglars decides to rob a ritzy villa for kicks. Breaking and Entering, the girls discover a treasure trove of love toys and lingerie that proves to be a real party pleaser until the long, long arm of the law catches up with them. These gendarmes go for the gusto using their “nightsticks” to probe the girls for information. Then the owners of the villa show up and are mistaken as thieves but it really doesn’t matter. They seem to enjoy “the intrusion” even more then the girls do! (more…)

Kôji Wakamatsu – Sei no horo AKA Vagabond of Sex (1967)

Tx0FIx9 Kôji Wakamatsu   Sei no horo AKA Vagabond of Sex (1967)

thgc Kôji Wakamatsu   Sei no horo AKA Vagabond of Sex (1967)

Vagabond of Sex (性の放浪 Sei no Hōrō?, 1967) was a parody of Imamura’s A Man Vanishes (1967). In Wakamatsu’s film, a man leaves his family in Tokyo to travel and engage in various sexual escapades. When he returns home he finds out that his wife is starring in Imamura’s documentary about her search for her missing husband. (more…)

Hiroto Yokoyama – Manji (1983)

 Hiroto Yokoyama   Manji (1983)

thgc Hiroto Yokoyama   Manji (1983)

An older married woman, Sonoko, catches the beautiful Mitsuko watching her shoplift one day. Afraid of being turned in to the police she follows the younger woman home. After hanging about outside for a while feeling nervous Sonoko rings the doorbell and introduces herself. She offers Mitsuko money to keep her mouth shut. Mitsuko, as emotionally unstable as Sonoko herself is insulted and tells her to put her money away. This is where the interaction takes a more bizarre turn. Sonoko, apparently feeling like she owes Mitsuko something gets flustered, this catches on to Mitsuko and the women begin to physically struggle with each other. Some milk is spilt. Mitsuko suggests Sonoko lick it up off the floor. She does so, then they get aggressive again and start trying to hit each other. They tire of that eventually and Mitsuko herself takes a drink of milk from off the floor. I guess this strange sequence of events was supposed to mark their meeting for the bizarre relationship that follows. The whole film has weird, kinky scenes scattered all the way through, including a lot of role-playing games and random smacking on the face. The plot however is fairly simple. A married woman falls in love with a young and beautiful girl. Girl comes between woman and husband. Girl has affair with husband. Older woman kills herself. The ending was very confusing, and it wasn’t made clear how Sonoko died or why she did it, since Mitsuko had already tried to get back together with her. However, I believe Mitsuko’s character was meant to be unemotional, and the story about emotional reactions to her. (more…)

Bob Chinn – The History of Pornography (1970)

 Bob Chinn   The History of Pornography (1970)

thgc Bob Chinn   The History of Pornography (1970)

Interview :

“There have been a lot of movies made and books written about the Golden Age of Porn, but they usually start around the time of Deep Throat. And yet you made a movie called The History of Pornography under the name Höns Wegmunsen way back in 1970. What’s the story behind that?

We were making 16mm movies for the storefronts, but they were softcore. Then a documentary called Pornography in Denmark or something came out and you could see actual penetration on the screen.

And I thought, “If they can get away with it, we can.” So we proposed the idea to Canyon Films. What we did was primarily photograph a lot of still pictures and stuff like that but we added a couple of hardcore loops to see if we could get away with it. This was before they were really showing hardcore on screen. And we did get away with it, under the guise of a documentary. (more…)

Veronica Hart – Misty Beethoven: The Musical! (2004)

 Veronica Hart   Misty Beethoven: The Musical! (2004)

thgc Veronica Hart   Misty Beethoven: The Musical! (2004)

“In 1976, at the height of porn’s ‘Golden Age’, director Henry Paris (pseudonym of Radley Metzger) released what many critics and fans consider to be one of the greatest adult movies ever made: ‘The Opening of Misty Beethoven’. Now, some thirty years later, acclaimed director performer Veronica Hart re-envisions this classic tale of a pornographic pygmation and transforms it into something not even Henry Paris could have imagined- a musical. With original songs performed by a star-studded cast, ‘Misty Beethoven, The Musical,’ challenges the popular notion of ‘adult entertainment,’ combining incredible choreography and a rocking score with the kind of sexual fireworks fans have come to expect from VCA. But perhaps most importantly, this movie will make you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that a human penis can not only talk, but belt out one hell of a show tune as well. Indeed, the world as you know it may never be quite the same…”

The film won the 2004 XRCO Award for ‘Best Comedy or Parody’, and the 2005 AVN Award for ‘Best Sex Comedy’ (more…)

T.T. Lord – Blue Confessions (1983)

 T.T. Lord   Blue Confessions (1983)

thgc T.T. Lord   Blue Confessions (1983)

One of the classics of adult cinema:
Blue Confessions is a collection of scenes from other films held together by non-sex footage (made just for Confessions) of Loni Sanders. (more…)

José Bénazéraf – Les contes de La Fontaine (1980)

26d31207833b35eae66018efd0f5a578 José Bénazéraf   Les contes de La Fontaine (1980)

thgc José Bénazéraf   Les contes de La Fontaine (1980)

3 erotic stories of Jean de La Fontaine : Le cocu battu… et content, La servante justifiée and Conte normand. (more…)

Tinto Brass – Trasgredire (2000)

 Tinto Brass   Trasgredire (2000)

thgc Tinto Brass   Trasgredire (2000)

While scouting out apartments in London for her Venetian boyfriend, Carla rents an apartment that overlooks the Thames. There she meet the lesbian hyper-horny real estate agent Moira. (more…)

Serge Korber – Dans la chaleur de Julie (1975)

b692a2f44d1cf950b628f8830a7b9282 Serge Korber   Dans la chaleur de Julie (1975)

thgc Serge Korber   Dans la chaleur de Julie (1975)

A real Love Story, with the difference that the camera won’t move to the ceiling this time. Nice characters. No avant-garde movie maybe, but nice stuff. Happy-go-lucky group of friends living in the same flat on the one hand, decadent bourgeois family on the other.
The female lead (probably Julie, though she is never named in the dialogue) is the daughter of a man who runs a café. She’s with a small group of people (Martine Grimaud and two boys) who share every pleasure life has to share. Well… Martine more than Julie, for Julie keeps to herself waiting for real love most probably. Frank is the son of a politician (Le Président) named Poulard Dutremble who, with his wife (Ellen Earl), organizes sex parties, involving people like Carmélo Petix, Charlie Schreiner, the black valet (Manu Pluton), the maid (Sylvia Bourdon) and others. One day, Dutremble Jr meets Julie and Martine at the public library and they really seem to enjoy the moment. (more…)

Stu Segall – Insatiable (1980)

 Stu Segall   Insatiable (1980)

thgc Stu Segall   Insatiable (1980)

Marilyn Chambers plays heiress, model and actress Sandra Chase. She feels she is not sexually fulfilled. Her agent played by Jessie St James gets her a role in a new movie. She has encounters with Serena, and Richard Pacheo. She also tells a flashback story of her being devirginized by David Morris. She also has a fantasy encounter with Mike Ranger, Morris, and St James. She also has a fantasy encounter with John Holmes. St James and John Leslie get intimate in the film also. (more…)

Antonio Shepherd – Chorus Call (1979)

 Antonio Shepherd   Chorus Call (1979)

thgc Antonio Shepherd   Chorus Call (1979)

An erotic look at the casting process for a Broadway stage show. Cheryl Cooper is a veteran dancer who wants to be cast for a part, but is held back by the vindictive choreographer Bertha, whom she had a past tryst with. So, Cheryl resorts to seducing the director Sidney to land a part. Meanwhile, the sleazy producer Ed has sexual encounters with every woman he meets, while Manny, the financial backer, clashes off against Rue, an egoistical local talent agent who is trying to cast the popular Mona Randall for the lead in the play, while Mona has a meeting of minds and bodies with Manny’s business partner, Frank, to ensure that she land the lead. (more…)

Claude Bernard-Aubert – Couple ‘libéré’ cherche compagne ‘libérée’ (1982)

1cc52f41066c00a7ffa66b4c1fcc873e Claude Bernard Aubert   Couple libéré cherche compagne libérée (1982)

thgc Claude Bernard Aubert   Couple libéré cherche compagne libérée (1982)

From egafd:
Marianne Aubert and Guy Royer are an unmarried swinging couple. They seduce every female or male they encounter, it seems. We seem them reading the paper (presumably the personal ads) while having sex.
Cathy Stewart arrives to do some typing for Guy. He seduces her, but runs off in disgust when Marianne tries to join in. The next typist, Laura Clair has no such inhibitions, however.
Next Guy arrives home to find Marianne talking to a friend (Obaya Roberts) while her husband (Jean-Pierre Armand) fixes their car in the street. The friend beckons him up to the apartment for a swinging session and he arrives to find Guy having sex with his wife. A foursome soon develops. (more…)

pixel Claude Bernard Aubert   Couple libéré cherche compagne libérée (1982)