Robert Michaels – Twilite Pink (1981)

 Robert Michaels   Twilite Pink (1981)

thgc Robert Michaels   Twilite Pink (1981)


Sterling Rod is our host for this strange tale from “The Erogenous Zone:” a nebbishy Madison Avenue advertising employee comes into possession of a magical pocket watch that can stop time. He takes the opportunity to endulge himself sexually and at the same time pay back those who have tormented him… (more…)

Gérard Kikoïne – Jouir! aka Sextasy (DVD version) (1978)

Penisnb Gérard Kikoïne   Jouir! aka Sextasy (DVD version) (1978)

thgc Gérard Kikoïne   Jouir! aka Sextasy (DVD version) (1978)

Frederic is a writer whose wife Alice is tormented by dreams of her promiscuous, but dead, sister who fell from their apartment, high in a tower block. Then someone falls from a similar apartment block near the dress shop where Alice works and she adopts the promiscuous ways of her dead sister, Norma, including seducing Frederic’s publisher and being caught in the act by Frederic. Frederic consults a psychiatrist and investigates her past which results in flashbacks of Norma’s behaviour. Alice’s new proclivities are exploited by Tony, the unscrupulous lover of the woman who introduced Alice to Frederic. He photographs her in a threesome and tries unsuccessfully to blackmail Frederic. Finally Frederic finds Alice’s former boyfriend and it turns out that he had been seduced by Norma and that Alice had caught them at it and pushed her sister off the balcony. (more…)

Jean-Claude Roy – Nuits suédoises (1977)

939a6db162b1fae026fa4bcd0cf7c677 Jean Claude Roy   Nuits suédoises (1977)

thgc Jean Claude Roy   Nuits suédoises (1977)

Dawn Cumming and Siegrid Cellar transcend the screen in this amazing remake of the film “Rear Window” of Alfred Hitchcock. A couple watches the particularly perverse sexual games of their young and beautiful neighbor from their window. Excited at the highest point, the couple then seduce her and “train” her in a devilish trio. A very representative classic from the golden age of X French cinema applauded by a crowd of spectators when released on February 23, 1977 Alpha France movie theaters. (more…)

Alfredo Sternheim – Violencia na Carne AKA Violence and Flesh (1981)

 Alfredo Sternheim   Violencia na Carne AKA Violence and Flesh (1981)

thgc Alfredo Sternheim   Violencia na Carne AKA Violence and Flesh (1981)

Three escaped convicts terrorize the occupants staying at a remote beach side residence.

Violence and Flesh was written and directed by Alfredo Sternheim, whose other notable film’s include Anjo Loiro (this film was adapted from the Heinrich Mann novel titled “Professor Unrat”) and Pureza Proibida. The score for Violence and Flesh features music that was originally composed for other films, the most notable music being Pino Donaggio’s score for Dressed to Kill.

The plot for Violence and Flesh is not original by any means as it clearly was based on some or all of these films, The Virgin Spring, Last House on the Left, Last House on the Beach and House on the Edge of the Park. The plot’s initial set up takes some time before it gets to the meat of the story. The film’s major turning point is a scene where one of the female hostages Neila is asked to entertain the escaped convicts with a sex dance. Her provocative dance ignites the pent of sex drive of one of the convicts who proceeds to rape her. One of the film’s more WTF moments is when it comes time for one of the other convicts to choose his sexual partner he reverts back to his prison mentality and chooses one of the men as his conquest. While he is having his way with one of the men, there are two lesbians getting it on in the corner (now that’s entertainment). In a film that is full of bizarre and over the top moments, the most unusual character in the film is a young woman named Leticia who falls in love with one of the convicts. The predictable ending is kind of a letdown after a near flawless final act. (more…)

Doris Wishman – Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

 Doris Wishman   Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

thgc Doris Wishman   Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

Christopher J. Jarmick wrote:
A fairly serious pseudo-documentary, which captures the lifestyles of several transsexuals in various stages of changing their gender. Dr Leo Wollman M.D. was a legitimate practicing doctor who is our guide through this one of a kind, once shocking film that features some footage of operations that are not completely revealing but not for the squeamish. There are some scenes of probing of a constructed vagina and shots of men with artificially developed breasts. Then there are several staged soft-core scenes thrown into the film to add to the hodgepodge. Dr Wollman occasionally makes statements like “not all dildos are used for medical purposes.” Note: actual on screen credits were not available to verify credits. From the advertisements: “All True! All Real! See a man become a woman before your eyes!”, “Born a Man . . . Let Me Die A Woman”, “Torn from Today’s Headlines.” (more…)

Stephen Gibson – Hard Candy (1976)

 Stephen Gibson   Hard Candy (1976)

thgc Stephen Gibson   Hard Candy (1976)

A mad scientist struggles to score with the girl of his dreams while thwarted by video freaks, gladiators, aliens from space, a pink bunny and the girl next door. (more…)

Michael Phillips – Sexbusters! (1984)

 Michael Phillips   Sexbusters! (1984)

thgc Michael Phillips   Sexbusters! (1984)

Plot Synopsis:

The Sexbusters, Lola and Lana, are only a phone call away and will arrive in minutes to solve any and all sexual problems. They’re summoned by a man who can’t get a date, a woman whose husband is addicted to TV football, and a psychiatrist whose female patient is threatening suicide because men don’t take her seriously.

Carlos Tobalina – Ultimate Pleasure (1977)

 Carlos Tobalina   Ultimate Pleasure (1977)

thgc Carlos Tobalina   Ultimate Pleasure (1977)

Hot group sex, an all-star cast, odd social commentary, and sex hypnosis! A cab driver who is having marital problems with his beautiful but frigid wife finds a suitcase full of money left in his cab by a passenger, and realizes that he now has the means to fulfill all of his and his wife’s sexual fantasies. His wife visits a sex clinic where she daydreams of a five man cum bath with John Holmes and lesbian group sex, while the husband hires hooker Annette Haven and her two girlfriends to do a three girl show. (more…)

Stanley A. Long – Naughty: A Report on Pornography and Erotica Through the Ages (1971)

 Stanley A. Long   Naughty: A Report on Pornography and Erotica Through the Ages (1971)

thgc Stanley A. Long   Naughty: A Report on Pornography and Erotica Through the Ages (1971)

Naughty, or rather ‘Naughty- A Report on Pornography and Erotica Through The Ages’, to give the film its full title and M.O. holds more documentary worth, its part 360 degree snapshot of the early 70′s British sex industry and part re-enactments of the goings on of their Victorian predecessors while the first twenty minutes or so is a report on the world’s first pornographic film festival which had been held in Amsterdam at the end of 1970. Organized through the underground newspaper Suck, The Wet Dream Festival, which showcased four days worth of pornographic films from around the globe, was the brainchild of one Jim Haynes, a leading figure in the British underground scene of the 1960s, who viewed the production and exhibition of pornography as a revolutionary act to challenge the status quo. “I’m just interested in freedom, extreme libertarianism, the right for anyone to see, eat and do whatever they want” claims Jim, who comes across as a likeable mixture of intellectual and old fashion mischief maker. Long’s camera was there to capture it all, from tame clips from the films themselves, interviews with audience members (“I‘ve never seen so many genital organs and vaginas in all my life” claims one) brief glimpses of guests like Germaine Greer and Al Goldstein plus the priceless sight of Jim’s hippy entourage taking over the town’s local cinema which had been playing Hell in the Pacific, but where for one night only Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune have to step aside for films featuring as one of Jim’s entourage puts it “people fucking, being sucked, women with dogs, flagellation, the juxtaposition of this will freak people out”. (more…)

Jesus Franco – Sie tötete in Ekstase aka She Killed in Ecstasy (1971)

 Jesus Franco   Sie tötete in Ekstase aka She Killed in Ecstasy (1971)

thgc Jesus Franco   Sie tötete in Ekstase aka She Killed in Ecstasy (1971)

Jesus Franco has made so many movies that it’s almost inevitable that he will occasionally get one right. This is one of those movies where his bizarro and repetitive plots, his pan-and-zoom-happy cinematography and his obtrusive jazz score all manage to gel for a pretty dumb but thoroughly enjoyable movie. It helps, of course, that this was one of only four films he made with the incredible Soledad Miranda before her untimely death.

There’s no denying that Franco’s regular collaborator (and wife), Lina Romay, was a very sexy actress in her prime and has become something of a legend in her own right, but she is a pale shadow of Soledad Miranda, who was if anything even more beautiful and had a class and talent that none of Franco’s later actresses could hope to achieve. (more…)

José Bénazéraf – Le Bordel AKA The Infamous House of Madame X (1974)

wpdd311j s José Bénazéraf   Le Bordel AKA The Infamous House of Madame X (1974)

thgc José Bénazéraf   Le Bordel AKA The Infamous House of Madame X (1974)

A big brothel for the rich bourgeoisie at the end of the 19° century in Paris – the time of the Franco-Prussian war. We see the doctor, the priest, the bourgeois, an anarchist, a black mass, much lesbian love between two very gigglish young girls in uniforms, classy soubrettes, voyeuristic guys, a nice black girl. Meanwhile there is much political talk.
One of the great works of Bénazéraf: nice period setting, good atmosphere; an abundace of different scenes which all show part of the work in a high class bordello on the outskirts of Paris around 1870; exquisite photography, nice dresses, good looking classy women, good acting; should be seen on big screen. It has some actresses who worked before with Bénazéraf. The movie looks very expensive and is a joyous erotic period evocation with some hard core scenes. These might have been inserted later by Bénazéraf himself as they are well intergrated into the story and set in the same luxurious environment. (more…)

Various – Alpha France Trailer Collection (1975-1983)

le011081112h44m55s100sm Various   Alpha France Trailer Collection (1975 1983)

ALPHA FRANCE was founded in 1970 by Francis Mischkind and began producing 35mm erotic films in 1972. 1975 marked the beginning of a move towards hard-core productions with the release of Pussy Talk. The must-see classic Pussy Talk premiered in the USA at New York’s World Theatre and was a tremendous success.
Between 1976 and 1983 ALPHA FRANCE produced more than 150 French hardcore 35mm movies. Largely unavailable outside of France prior to the current release on many of these movies have achieved cult classic status.
In 1977 ALPHA FRANCE had the good fortune of discovering a sexy and young French actress, by the name of BRIGITTE LAHAIE. Ms. Lahaie is a stunning beauty and graced the world by appearing in more than 30 ALPHA FRANCE productions. She was immediately accepted as a mega-star in Paris and went on to become a symbol of voluptuous French femininity around the world.
In 1983 ALPHA FRANCE produced their last high budget hardcore 35mm movie, THE INITIATION OF A MARRIED WOMAN, bringing the golden era in adult film to a close with a bang. (more…)

Kang-sheng Lee – Bang bang wo ai shen AKA Help Me Eros (2007)

helpmeerosfb6 Kang sheng Lee   Bang bang wo ai shen AKA Help Me Eros (2007)

thgc Kang sheng Lee   Bang bang wo ai shen AKA Help Me Eros (2007)

The main story is about Shen’s character, an unemployed suicidal man who has been calling a suicide helpline. A parallel story is of a television chef who specializes in exotic cooking, who plies his overweight, sexually frustrated wife with the foods he cooks on television. In other words, that is the extent of their relationship now. There is excessive loneliness in this film. Kang Sheng’s character also grows marijuana in his apartment and this helps garner the attention of hostess girls who are working in a bar below his apartment. To a one, the ladies are all young and sexy. The wife of the chef, it turns out, works at the suicide helpline, so there is the connection between her and Kang Sheng’s character. Like many of Ming Liang’s films, the city of Taipei is a co-star, ultra modern, detached and noisy. There are scenes which are darkly comic, thought provoking and sad (more…)

Joseph W. Sarno – Confessions of a Young American Housewife [Extras] (1974)

 Joseph W. Sarno   Confessions of a Young American Housewife [Extras] (1974)

thgc Joseph W. Sarno   Confessions of a Young American Housewife [Extras] (1974)

Carol (Rebecca Brooke), Anne (Chris Jordan), Eddie (David Hausman) and Pete (Eric Edwards) are a swinging suburban quartet. Carol is married to Eddie and Anne to Pete, but that doesn’t stop them from swapping partners or initiating hot foursome sex at the drop of their panties. Enter Jennifer Robinson (Jennifer Welles) – Carol’s buttoned-up mother who is in town for a visit. Sporting a voluptuous body and dripping sensuous allure, Jennifer makes an immediate impression upon Pete, Anne and Eddie, who will stop at nothing to have their way with her – individually or in group session. Once Jennifer come to terms with her daughter’s highly sexual lifestyle, and lets go of her own inhibitions – look out! – no-one will be safe from her erotic charms. Soon it becomes clear that both mother and daughter have long-standing issues and an unspoken attraction between one another, which manifest themselves in the most shocking and taboo way. Who will end up with who and how far will each go to satisfy his or her deepest and wildest sexual urges. (more…)

pixel Joseph W. Sarno   Confessions of a Young American Housewife [Extras] (1974)