Jean-Claude Roy – Le bouche-trou (1976)

 Jean Claude Roy   Le bouche trou (1976)

thgc Jean Claude Roy   Le bouche trou (1976)

Francois and Joelle love each other. One evening their embrace is interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Francois dresses, takes a camera, put two or three shirts in a duffel bag and goes. Joelle, pale with rage, decides to not be anymore “an object available to this Mr between two trips.” Me too I want to travel. “She will indeed travel and have many women’s and men’s adventures. When the chance the in the presence of Francois, is to see that she is replaced by… a man. He offers him to stay with them. A perfect “menage a trios” moved to the double pleasure of each. A representative classic from the golden age of cinema X French out with a triumphant success on November 10, 1976 in the Alpha France movie theaters. (more…)

Nicolas Weber – Total Romance (2002)

S8gh9u0 Nicolas Weber    Total Romance (2002)

IMDB user comment:
User Reviews

Best erotic movie on pay cable
21 April 2004 | by chrisa777 (UA, USA) –

This movie is truly a diamond in the rough. If youre like me you are tired off all the garbage erotic movies that play late at night on HBO, showtime, etc…. Movies that look like they were shot at some producers summer house on a department store dv cam; with mediocre looking actresses with implants 2 sizes too big. Total Romance is the antithesis of this and a lesson in how to make a great erotic film.

Every girl in this movie is a knockout and the sex scenes are freqeunt and very erotic . The direction is excellent as well; this movie has a lot of style, with great cinematography and lighting, and an engaging euro/dance soundtrack. This movie seems a cut above all the crap that usually gets shown on pay cable. (more…)

Kelley Cauthen – The Sex Substitute (2001)

KORzaEn Kelley Cauthen   The Sex Substitute (2001)

thgc Kelley Cauthen   The Sex Substitute (2001)


Drake takes a house-sitting job at the home based business of Carrie, who runs a spa which provides counseling, massage and meditation services for women. When Drake accidentally puts her next newspaper column entitled “What Men Want” into the shredder, he decides to cover his mistake by writing and faxing in his own article on the subject. Then, Drake is unexpectedly faced with beautiful female clients who mistake him as Carrie’s substitute therapist and he quickly finds himself dishing out common sense advice, providing massages and even more erotic forms of physical therapy, and getting paid cash for it. When Drake’s article is a big hit, there’s a sudden influx of new business, and he calls in his buddy Nick to help satisfy all the female clients. However, trouble is on the way. (more…)

Kevin Alber – Justine: Exotic Liaisons (1995)

 Kevin Alber    Justine: Exotic Liaisons (1995)

thgc Kevin Alber    Justine: Exotic Liaisons (1995)

A young girl dreams of various erotic liasons, she is kidnapped and made to strip naked, detects dodgy goings on an express train and strips naked, goes to New Orleans and strips naked… (more…)

Joseph W. Sarno – Passion in Hot Hollows (1969)

 Joseph W. Sarno   Passion in Hot Hollows (1969)

thgc Joseph W. Sarno   Passion in Hot Hollows (1969)

Review from
On the surface, other than the superbly written script, this could be your standard upstate New York semi-roughie shot by any Joe-schmoe seeking to sell sex at the local Deuce theater. The print used for the transfer, apparently the last remaining element of the film, is in rough shape, so upon first viewing, none of Sarno’s personal touches may be evident. But PASSION IN HOT HOLLOWS is a very special film for many reasons, and is a film the man himself is deservedly proud of. First things first: my personal fetish figure Uta Erickson, the sensual blonde of countless sexploitation films of NYC, has her largest speaking role here, shot in live sound, and proves that she WAS a real actress, portraying a deeply complex character and still finding time to look lovely, both fully clothed and displaying her beautiful body in Sarno’s sexy shadowy lighting. According to Joe and Peggy Sarno, Erickson was of Norwegian descent, which would explain the European-sounding moniker, which I assume is her actual name. Erickson was a favorite of the Findlays, Doris Wishman, John Amero, and Barry Mahon, appearing in highlighted roles in many of those directors’ best films (LOVE TOY, BACCHANALE, THE ULTIMATE DEGENERATE), but Sarno provides her with a superb vehicle for her Nordic beauty and superior thespian talents. He shot this back-to-back with her only other major speaking lead role, MARCY, which is still lost at the moment, and used her in several other films before this one, so it appears I’m not the only one with an affection for Uta. (more…)

Jean Rollin – Apothéose Porno (1976)

t77Y5Rx Jean Rollin   Apothéose Porno (1976)

thgc Jean Rollin   Apothéose Porno (1976)

Mid 1970’s Jean Rollin porn opus which is credited to one of his many pseudonyms, Michel Gand. His involvement with this film varies upon the source material but I think his influence can be seen in the finished product. In the context of his hardcore film output.
The film begins with Élisabeth Buré, in her brunette phase, getting ready to dress while being watched by Richard Lemieuvre on the bed. this proceeds to sex. Catherine Castel is waiting impatiently in another room. She goes to investigate and joins in for awhile then leaves. Guy Royer arrives and he and Catherine Castel have sex on a couch while watching a porn film. Frequent intercutting occurs between the film within a film and what is going on on the couch. (more…)

Barry Mahon – Sin in the City (1966)

tD4ZRhR Barry Mahon   Sin in the City (1966)

thgc Barry Mahon   Sin in the City (1966)

This is a Barry Mahon film in which three girls follow through on a vow they make for their wild night out in NYC: “We were going out on the town. We were going to get into as much trouble as we could. And most important of all, we promised each other that no matter what anyone asked us to do, we would do it.”

Note before downloading:
The source is Something Weird Video, and their watermark appears throughout the film. The quality is not great, but I imagine it’s the best available. (more…)

Robert Michaels – Twilite Pink (1981)

 Robert Michaels   Twilite Pink (1981)

thgc Robert Michaels   Twilite Pink (1981)


Sterling Rod is our host for this strange tale from “The Erogenous Zone:” a nebbishy Madison Avenue advertising employee comes into possession of a magical pocket watch that can stop time. He takes the opportunity to endulge himself sexually and at the same time pay back those who have tormented him… (more…)

Gérard Kikoïne – Jouir! aka Sextasy (DVD version) (1978)

Penisnb Gérard Kikoïne   Jouir! aka Sextasy (DVD version) (1978)

thgc Gérard Kikoïne   Jouir! aka Sextasy (DVD version) (1978)

Frederic is a writer whose wife Alice is tormented by dreams of her promiscuous, but dead, sister who fell from their apartment, high in a tower block. Then someone falls from a similar apartment block near the dress shop where Alice works and she adopts the promiscuous ways of her dead sister, Norma, including seducing Frederic’s publisher and being caught in the act by Frederic. Frederic consults a psychiatrist and investigates her past which results in flashbacks of Norma’s behaviour. Alice’s new proclivities are exploited by Tony, the unscrupulous lover of the woman who introduced Alice to Frederic. He photographs her in a threesome and tries unsuccessfully to blackmail Frederic. Finally Frederic finds Alice’s former boyfriend and it turns out that he had been seduced by Norma and that Alice had caught them at it and pushed her sister off the balcony. (more…)

Jean-Claude Roy – Nuits suédoises (1977)

939a6db162b1fae026fa4bcd0cf7c677 Jean Claude Roy   Nuits suédoises (1977)

thgc Jean Claude Roy   Nuits suédoises (1977)

Dawn Cumming and Siegrid Cellar transcend the screen in this amazing remake of the film “Rear Window” of Alfred Hitchcock. A couple watches the particularly perverse sexual games of their young and beautiful neighbor from their window. Excited at the highest point, the couple then seduce her and “train” her in a devilish trio. A very representative classic from the golden age of X French cinema applauded by a crowd of spectators when released on February 23, 1977 Alpha France movie theaters. (more…)

Alfredo Sternheim – Violencia na Carne AKA Violence and Flesh (1981)

 Alfredo Sternheim   Violencia na Carne AKA Violence and Flesh (1981)

thgc Alfredo Sternheim   Violencia na Carne AKA Violence and Flesh (1981)

Three escaped convicts terrorize the occupants staying at a remote beach side residence.

Violence and Flesh was written and directed by Alfredo Sternheim, whose other notable film’s include Anjo Loiro (this film was adapted from the Heinrich Mann novel titled “Professor Unrat”) and Pureza Proibida. The score for Violence and Flesh features music that was originally composed for other films, the most notable music being Pino Donaggio’s score for Dressed to Kill.

The plot for Violence and Flesh is not original by any means as it clearly was based on some or all of these films, The Virgin Spring, Last House on the Left, Last House on the Beach and House on the Edge of the Park. The plot’s initial set up takes some time before it gets to the meat of the story. The film’s major turning point is a scene where one of the female hostages Neila is asked to entertain the escaped convicts with a sex dance. Her provocative dance ignites the pent of sex drive of one of the convicts who proceeds to rape her. One of the film’s more WTF moments is when it comes time for one of the other convicts to choose his sexual partner he reverts back to his prison mentality and chooses one of the men as his conquest. While he is having his way with one of the men, there are two lesbians getting it on in the corner (now that’s entertainment). In a film that is full of bizarre and over the top moments, the most unusual character in the film is a young woman named Leticia who falls in love with one of the convicts. The predictable ending is kind of a letdown after a near flawless final act. (more…)

Doris Wishman – Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

 Doris Wishman   Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

thgc Doris Wishman   Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

Christopher J. Jarmick wrote:
A fairly serious pseudo-documentary, which captures the lifestyles of several transsexuals in various stages of changing their gender. Dr Leo Wollman M.D. was a legitimate practicing doctor who is our guide through this one of a kind, once shocking film that features some footage of operations that are not completely revealing but not for the squeamish. There are some scenes of probing of a constructed vagina and shots of men with artificially developed breasts. Then there are several staged soft-core scenes thrown into the film to add to the hodgepodge. Dr Wollman occasionally makes statements like “not all dildos are used for medical purposes.” Note: actual on screen credits were not available to verify credits. From the advertisements: “All True! All Real! See a man become a woman before your eyes!”, “Born a Man . . . Let Me Die A Woman”, “Torn from Today’s Headlines.” (more…)

Stephen Gibson – Hard Candy (1976)

 Stephen Gibson   Hard Candy (1976)

thgc Stephen Gibson   Hard Candy (1976)

A mad scientist struggles to score with the girl of his dreams while thwarted by video freaks, gladiators, aliens from space, a pink bunny and the girl next door. (more…)

Michael Phillips – Sexbusters! (1984)

 Michael Phillips   Sexbusters! (1984)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Michael Phillips   Sexbusters! (1984)

Plot Synopsis:

The Sexbusters, Lola and Lana, are only a phone call away and will arrive in minutes to solve any and all sexual problems. They’re summoned by a man who can’t get a date, a woman whose husband is addicted to TV football, and a psychiatrist whose female patient is threatening suicide because men don’t take her seriously.

pixel Michael Phillips   Sexbusters! (1984)