Bo Arne Vibenius – Breaking Point (1975)

 Bo Arne Vibenius   Breaking Point (1975)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Bo Arne Vibenius   Breaking Point (1975)

IMDB user review:
Anton Rothschild plays a sick office clerk who (1) beats a woman to death with an ashtray and then has sex with her corpse; (2) follows a woman to her isolated country home (on work time, no less) and rapes her; (3) rapes another woman (again on work time)who dares to fight back, so he kills her in a flaming car crash; (4) urinates into a cup of coffee and serves it to his oversexed female co-worker; (5) picks up a hitchhiking whore who promptly strips and masturbates herself in the passenger seat; Rothschild promptly inserts his fingers and thumb into her and rubs the scent behind his ears. The whore then humps the car’s gear shift and the two later have a slow-motion orgasm scene that must been seen; and the list goes on. Director Bo Vibenius has to be as twisted as the characters in his films, and the film’s most disturbing scene finds Rothschild picking up a six-year-old girl right off the playground, driving her to a remote stretch of country, and eating a bag of candy with her, clearly contemplating what on earth he could do to her. He lets her go, though, but then the young girl is portrayed as the aggressor by asking “Shall we meet again?” to which our indignant rapist-murderer replies, “No!” This is one of the sickest, most demented pieces of cinema I have ever seen, but it is so well-thought out, so well executed, and so well-played that it cannot be denied that it is essential viewing for the fan of extreme exploitation films. Continue reading

Bill Milling – Blonde Goddess (1982)

 Bill Milling   Blonde Goddess (1982)

29f7c043f76a2bde437fd0d52a185152 Bill Milling   Blonde Goddess (1982)

Adventurer Louisiana Smith comes to the rescue of Jungle Jane as she is about to be sacrificed by lusty Indians in the Yucatan in 1936. Suddenly, we cut to the offices of Marble Comics where comic artist nerd Elmo Smathers has been fantasizing, in Walter Mitty fashion, as his boss gives him a talking-to. His depravities are under fire by a sexy Comics Code representative. As the latter loosens up, throwing herself at the boss of the comic book company, Elmo fantasizes over other scenarios including himself as Johnny Ace, WWI ace pilot, battling the German Black Baron; as Private Eye Jack Hammer; and as a heroic construction worker who is transported to a spaceship by the galactic overlord, Megazon (along with a beautiful and innocently by-standing earthling). The “Blonde Goddess” makes an appearance in each fantasy. Continue reading

Raphaël Siboni – Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel aka There is no sexual rapport (2011)

HZhSYm4 Raphaël Siboni   Il ny a pas de rapport sexuel aka There is no sexual rapport (2011)

thgc Raphaël Siboni   Il ny a pas de rapport sexuel aka There is no sexual rapport (2011)

A rambling, amusing and occasionally poignant examination of one man’s career as a director/performer of pornography. This behind-the-scenes look at the skin flick trade and its prominent purveyor Herv? P. Gustave, who goes by the moniker HPG, reveals the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand (or shaft in slot, as the case may be) with the creation of said material, such as getting money shots, shooting around anatomy for soft porn gigs, and coaxing reluctant amateurs to perform as the clock is ticking. Culled from 10 years of oh-so-very-unerotic footage, renowned visual artist Siboni shapes an intriguing portrait, one that never glorifies or condemns its subject or his chosen profession. Continue reading

Mototsugu Watanabe – Whore Angels (2000)

 Mototsugu Watanabe   Whore Angels  (2000)

thgc Mototsugu Watanabe   Whore Angels  (2000)

Komasa is a cow-girl drifter who works at the whore house, “Hot-Lips”. One day, she saves the life of Monroe, a pink-haired woman, who is being attacked by a demon. Monroe gets a job at “Hot Lips” where it’s quickly discovered that her blowjobs have magical healing powers. Soon she’s the most popular girl there as lines of sick and handicap men seek special treatment from the woman who has the healing powers of an angel… Continue reading

Joe Davian – House of De Sade (1977)

lYp9voB Joe Davian   House of De Sade (1977)

thgc Joe Davian   House of De Sade (1977)

IMDB user User Review

Cucumbers, And Vampires, And Nunchucks…Oh My! More Sleazy Smut From Joe Davian…
16 May 2006 | by EVOL666 (St. John’s Abortion Clinic)

I really dig these “cross-over” porn joints – especially the ones that combine elements from my favorite genre – horror. HOUSE OF DE SADE is a silly, fun, arousing, perverted XXX-“roughie” that is one of the more enjoyable of the Joe Davian entries that I’ve seen so far… Continue reading

Jack Deveau – The Boys from Riverside Drive (1977)

 Jack Deveau   The Boys from Riverside Drive (1977)

thgc Jack Deveau   The Boys from Riverside Drive (1977)

Synopsis/Background wrote:
“This early offering from master director Jack Deveau is decidedly tamer than most of his later work, and at just over an hour it’s also a shorter than his epics from the later part of the decade. There is an anonymous flavor to some of the sex, and a little kinky bondage enters the picture courtesy of some very loose rope midway through, but this is mostly a straightforward, romance-inflected film. Continue reading

Shaun Costello – Water Power (1977)

 Shaun Costello    Water Power (1977)

thgc Shaun Costello    Water Power (1977)

Think Taxi Driver with hardcore scenes, only instead of blasting pimps away, the enema bandit is dishing out forced enemas on the female population of NY. You see, he becomes obsessed with this after seeing one administered in a brothel. This even lifts music from Scorsese’s masterpiece, with voice over scenes almost identical too.I obtained a crystal clear copy of this, which I was very happy with, until upon further scrutiny discovered it was slightly trimmed, so I’ve opted for the lesser quality, but fully uncut version. This is a grindhouse classic that needs to be seen by all, starring the legendary Jamie Gillis. A true masterpiece of sleaze cinema. Enjoy. Continue reading

Tetsuji Takechi – Hakujitsumu aka Day Dream (1981)

 Tetsuji Takechi   Hakujitsumu aka Day Dream (1981)

thgc Tetsuji Takechi   Hakujitsumu aka Day Dream (1981)

Review from IMDb-
Surreal mixture of pinku, pornography and vampire horror
“Daydream” is a structureless succession of bizarre and erotic set-pieces revolving around a series of fantasies in a dentist’s waiting room. A young woman named Chieko begins hallucinating whilst sitting on the dentist’s chair. Her hallucinations involve a dental surgeon, who molests and sexually abuses the woman. She is subjected to a lengthy bondage session by the dentist, then she is pursued naked by him through a shopping mall and so on. The uncut Dutch version of “Daydream” contains several explicit scenes of pornography including a very long sequence of Kyoko Aizome being fingered by the dental surgeon. The commercial success of the film resulted in making “Daydream 2″ aka “Captured for Sex” in 1987. Continue reading

? – Necro Fetish (1975)

rtm5 ?   Necro Fetish (1975)

Alpha Blue Archives 120min. movie compilation documents the death obsession within XXX cinema. Post coital-throat-slashings, murder by asphyxiation , cum-shot wounds, corpse penetrations, funeral parlors, terminal castrations, satanic death rituals, beheading, instrumental torture, battering, female serial killing, bloody knife and ax-stabbings etc. Continue reading

Jerry Douglas – Both Ways (1975)

 Jerry Douglas   Both Ways (1975)

thgc Jerry Douglas   Both Ways (1975)

sarabay1978 (IMDb Review) wrote:
It’s folly Erwin, FOLLY!

It’s not very often when so-called “pornographic” films mix both straight and gay sex(mainly due to the obvious; the audience will not be aroused), but two films that did, 1972s SCORE and 1975s BOTH WAYS not only interweave the gay sex into the story but are also two of the most unique and innovative hardcore films in existence. While Radley Metzger’s 1972 classic Score was an artistic study of swinger culture, Jerry Douglas’s 1975 film Both Ways takes a far more intellectual approach to the subject and instead creates a powerful family melodrama. Continue reading

Roman Nowicki – Fantom Seducer 1 (2005)

 Roman Nowicki   Fantom Seducer 1 (2005)

thgc Roman Nowicki   Fantom Seducer 1 (2005)

Somewhere in a small Eastern European city the dark forces of frustrated lust are given a demonic form. An evil destroyer is unleashed among the city’s most beautiful and successful women, and in order to destroy them lust, he releases in them the full force of their most secret and perverted desires. Who is behind this ferocious hellfire of sexual sin that is Fantom Seducer? Watch and find out! Continue reading

Panagiotis Konstadinou – Exi diestrammenes zitoun dolofono aka Six Perverts Seek Killer (1976)

 Panagiotis Konstadinou   Exi diestrammenes zitoun dolofono aka Six Perverts Seek Killer (1976)

thgc Panagiotis Konstadinou   Exi diestrammenes zitoun dolofono aka Six Perverts Seek Killer (1976)

Description: Wealthy businessman Paul and his wife Mirella decide to spend a few days at a seaside luxurious villa, located at Glyfada. They invite Nancy, who works in Paul’s company and her husband George, who is Mirella’s secret lover. Along with the 2 couples, comes Alexia, Mirella’s protégé , who meets on her way to the villa the young itinerant Michelle and invites him to join them. The 6 residents of the villa begin to conspire against ech other and murder doesn’t take long to happen. 6 players, only one killer!!! Continue reading

Daniel Daërt – La fureur sexuelle (1975)

 Daniel Daërt   La fureur sexuelle (1975)

thgc Daniel Daërt   La fureur sexuelle (1975)

Plot: While the bellboy and the cleaning lady of a hotel have sex, a mysterious woman is stealing from the hotel’s customers and to reach her goal she even attracts them sexually. So it’s up to the hotel detective to find her but will he resist to her charms? Continue reading

pixel Daniel Daërt   La fureur sexuelle (1975)