Tatsumi Kumashiro – Akai kami no onna aka The Woman with Red Hair (1979)


The wong kar wai of pinku eiga

At his working place, Kozo and his colleague gangrape the boss’ teenage daughter. Then, on the highway, he picks up a red-haired woman walking on the road back to his home. She ends up staying the night. Later, the woman reveals that she has left her husband and son, but refuses to divulge her name. On the other hand, the boss’ daughter informs Kozo’s colleague that she is pregnant. They decide to elope but, before that, he demands Kozo to let him have sex with the red-haired woman… Continue reading

Shinji Imaoka – Tamamono AKA Lunchbox (2004)



Synopsis / Plot

The opening scene of the movie is highly significant – and indeed, the very first shot of the movie: it depicts the main female protagonist, Aiko, chomping her lunch out of a red plastic lunch box. For some reason which is never explained, she is mute; a 35-year-old bowling alley worker who has a giant crush on a young, handsome, moped-riding mailman named Yoshio. She forces him to become involved with her by knocking down his bike and stealing the post, much like a 12-year-old might try to engage someone’s romantic interest. Continue reading

Tatsumi Kumashiro – Koibito-tachi wa nureta aka aka Twisted Path of Love aka Lovers Are Wet (1973)


In his Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema, Jasper Sharp writes that, like Woods are Wet and The World of Geisha (both 1973), Lovers Are Wet is one of Kumashiro’s indictments of the hypocrisy of censorship.[3] As in these other films, Kumashiro uses the censors’ tools purposely to ridicule the practice. In a scene in which a group of people play nude leapfrog on a beach, Kumashiro hides the actors’ genitals by scratching the surface of the film, “creating a bizarre writhing spaghetti of lines.”[3] Film historian Donald Richie pointed out that the Japanese censors had used this method on nude audience members in the film Woodstock (1970). While these non-erotic nudes passed unnoticed in countries without such censorship, Richie notes of the Japanese version, “When the film was projected the distant strolling couples consequently seemed girdled with fireworks. Though this called instant attention to what the censors were presumably attempting to hide, the letter of the law had been observed and this result satisfies all censors everywhere.” Continue reading

Tatsumi Kumashiro – Kurobara shôten (1975)



Tatsumi Kumashiro is one of the most accalimed pink film directors to emerge from Nikkatsu studio in the 70s. His films, though almost all erotic in nature, are often chosen by the respected Kinema Junpo as best films of the year.

Story outline translated from a Japanese source:
“Kurobara Shouten” (roughly translated as “the Ascension of Black Rose”) tells the story of a porn film director Juzo (Shin Kishida of “Mandala”), who has a second profession of creating porn tapes (hilariously) by recording sound of animals in a zoo and in a dental clinic. He gets stuck in the middle of the production of his new film because the main actress, Meiko, wanted out since she is pregnant by the actor of the film. Later, Juzo accidentally records the sound of a sexually repressed traditional woman named Ikuyo (“Queen of SM” Naomi Tani of “Wife to Be Sacrificed” and the original “Flowers and Snakes”) making out with the dentist. It turns out that Ikuyo is the mistress of a wealthy businessman, and she flirts with the dentist to satisfy her carnal needs. Juzo, disguised as a private detective, approaches Ikuyo and tries to persude/seduce/coerce her into being the new actress of his film. Continue reading

Jean Valère – Mont-Dragon (1970)


For the sake of completeness with regard to the Jacques Brel (feature films) filmography as an actor, I’m uploading this movie though it is a poor quality rip, presumably from a vhs.

Mont-Dragon is probably the most obscure of the movies in which Jacques Brel starred. This goes for its current unavailability as well for its dark and filled with perversion plot. It’s a typical stylish movie of the beginning of the 70s, with many at-the-time shocking dialogues and situations that nowadays has become very much out-of-time and out of fashion, and with the recurrent aim to reveal the hidden dirty affairs of the bourgeoisie. Continue reading

Pierre Unia – Une hôtesse très spéciale (1979)


Eléonore works on a stud farm and is a little frustrated at her lover Blu’s shyness. She is a very hot girl and to get rid of her frustration, after discovering her colleague Michel’s interest in sexy magazines and masturbation, she has it off with him, although he disapproved of doing it with a friend’s girlfriend in the first place.

Eleonore lives with her grandmother and before Blu arrives on the train, she enjoys herself in the bathtub recalling her scene with Michel and calling out Blu … Michel phones to suggest fetching Blu at the station, but Eléonore wants to do it herself and off she goes. On the way she almost (or is it a fantasy?) has an accident with two hunters. After fetching Blu (and taking him home?) she is off again for some shopping. On her way back, she comes across the two hunters who rape her in the woods. In fact she really seems to enjoy it calling them Blu in her rapture. When the thing is over she gets hold of their guns and learns that one of the two (Denver) is a film producer in Paris who agrees to give her a job. Continue reading

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