Jürgen Enz – Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjährigen aka Young Love, Hot Love (1979)


Jürgen Enz, who made tons of unfunny porn comedies (Die Liebesvögel & Kohlpiesels Töchter) directed this wannabe sensitive sex drama which unintentionally packs far more laughs than his supposed rib-ticklers.
Starting with a nauseatingly syrupy ballad that has some two-bit crooner endlessly repeating “Young Love, Hot Love” that’ll keep turning up in various instrumental renditions throughout, this movie tells the heartrending coming of age story of pretty 15-year old Hamburg schoolgirl Elke played by Sylvia Engelmann [Zwei Däninnen In Lederhosen & Schoolgirl Report Part 12) who’s pressured by boyfriend Lothar to go “all the way”, a step she’s understandably rather reluctant to take.
Though her acting technique remains limited to a collection of photogenic pouts, Engelmann at least looks the part of a teenager, which is more than can be said for the uncredited actress playing her “one year older” (according to Elke’s narration) best friend Ellen. At age 16 the latter thinks letting Lothar get into her panties might be a good way for Elke to get over all those pesky adolescent insecurities that are making her such a party pooper of late. To stress this fact, Ellen drags her little friend into the school toilets for an impromptu Sapphic initiation that includes some particularly poor bladder control on her part. Lending Lothar a hand to appease his raging teen hormones, Elke firmly believes there should be more to love than this, even as she’s trying to cope with the shock of having caught her less than hard-bodied parents in mid-stroke. The girl’s middle-aged mom is played by Margit Rauthe, the only other recognizable face in the flick [Der Sexbaron von St. Pauli] even had a very small bit part in the TV-series SMILEY’S PEOPLE. Continue reading

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