‘Sexy Girls of Denmark’ is an erotic-comedy-drama produced by the Shaw Brothers studio and directed by Lu Chi/Lui Kei. A businessman’s son, Kwok Chuen (Chung Wa/Tsung Hua), heads to Denmark to take care of a deal for a movie studio. In Denmark, he meets and falls “in lust” with actress Ann Charolette (Birte Tove). Later on, Kwok Chuen finds out that Ann Charolette is a soft-core porn actress and she has no plans of leaving the industry or having a relationship with Kwok Chuen. Kwok Chuen later meets Ms. Fang (Li Ching), a Chinese woman living in Denmark. Will he succeed in seducing her, winning her love and her hand in marriage?


Language(s):Chinese Mandarin (partly), English (partly)
Subtitles:English, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian

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