Labeled as an erotic thriller this is the third full feature by Alan Vydra.
Besides being producer, and director Vydra also edited the movie and did camera.

Poor Mario an orphan who had served in the foreign legion works for a night club owner and gangster boss who has a human trafficking operation running. Mario is in love with Cora the girlfriend of the boss. Our hero plans to take the girl and leave the city of Hamburg straight to the Bermudas. Trouble ahead?

In comparison to Vydra’s other early movies Abflug Bermuda has no intended humor at all. It features some rough(ie) scenes and in genereal a very dark tone. The American singer Angie Stardust is performing “Summertime” at the famous travesty cabaret club Pulverfass in on scene. Also a stand up performance by a unknown drag queen is included. This had never been released on dvd like all the early Alan Vydra movies. Such a shame. The dialouges are ace like always in Beate Uhse productions.

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