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Science-fiction comedy of the XXX kind, In Search of The Ultra-Sex is inspired by a true story : A pandemic infects people everywhere with infinite lust, and the only ones who can save planet Earth are a crappy group of astronauts in space, led by Captain Cock, desperately looking for a solution!
As the Galactic Confederation desperately tries to understand the reason behind this sudden madness, the horrifying truth is discovered by the FBI agents Bambi Darling and Stormy Brushing : The sexual matrix of the Universe known as the Ultra-Sex has been stolen! On board of starship “4skin 5”, Captain Cock and his crew are missioned to solve the mystery and save Planet Earth from an endless orgy!

In Search of the Ultra-Sex (initially titled Message of Pornographic Nature : In Search of the Ultra-Sex) is a passion project for creators Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine who, to mark the anniversary of French channel Canal Plus in 2014,[1] delved into the archives to create this cinematographic UFO: a crazy mach-up of around a hundred of (non explicit) excerpts from 100% pure vintage porn movies from the 70’s and 80’s, of which they re-dubbed all the characters, both male and female. Renewing the movie-hijacking tradition begun with Woody Allen’s “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?”, In Search of Ultra-Sex is a hilarious, absurd, hallucinatory and very original journey into the best (and worst!) of porn golden-age gems, twisted on the same principle as their previous TV-show for Canal Plus, Message à Caractère Informatif, in which they used to overdub corporate movies.[2]

But the fate of the film went far beyond a special TV broadcast and met an unexpected success in France.[3][4]

November 2014, after two exceptional screenings of the film at the Museum of Modern Art Palais de Tokyo in Paris, followed up with a Master Class before an audience of 500 people,[5] the ARP (Actors, Directors and Producers Corporation), headed by Michel Hazanavicius, organizes a double special screening of Michel Hazanavicius’s La Classe américaine and a new re-edited and remastered version of the Ultra-Sex for theaters.[6]
On June 5, 2015, a great evening event is organized around the film at the mythical Max Linder Panorama cinema, with animation provided by the Nicolas & Bruno themselves and a dubbing demonstration live by the famous French porn star Tabatha Cash and dubbing French actors Patrick Poivey (Bruce Willis), Lionel Henry (Eddy Murphy), Eric Missoffe (Scooby Doo) and Gilbert Levy (Moe The Simpsons), in front of 650 people. The Max Linder Panorama is sold out.[7]

Then many theaters asked to program the film around the country, extending the live happenings around the projections with a choreography of Daft-Peunk Robot (a character of the film) and a workshop where the public can come and try dubbing extracts of the Ultra-Sex.
This is the beginning of a great tour: the Ultra-Sex-Tour.[8] The film quickly becomes a cult-phenomenon, gathering a real fan community all around France. Everywhere, theaters program the movie,[9] with sold-out projections in Lyon (outdoors at Transborder), Amiens, Poitiers, Marseilles, Metz, Montpellier, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Gueret, Lausanne, Avignon, Dunkerque, Toulouse, etc., and the Luminor in Paris where the film is in residence[10] every Saturday evening from June, 2015.[11]

In the same time, the film received a great welcome abroad and has been selected in United States at the famous Fantastic Fest of Austin (Texas),[12][13][14] at the Beyond Fest of Hollywood at the American Cinematheque,[15] at the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (New York),[16] at the Grolandais International Film Festival of Toulouse, at the Buttocks Film Festival of Paris (as closing film), at the Bordeaux Independent International Film Festival, at the Französische Filmtage Tübingen of Stuttgart, at the Zinema Zombie Fest of Bogota,[17] at the Offscreen Festival of Brussels,[18] at the Florida Film Festival of Maitland,[19] at the Cinedelphia Film Festival[20] of Philadelphia, at the Crossing Europe Film Festival of Linz,[21] at the Slash 1/2 Festival of Vienna,[22] at the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival of Tallinn,[23] at the Bucheon Fantastic International Film Festival of Seoul, at the BAFICI of Buenos Aires,[24] at the Fantasia festival of Montreal, at the Valletta film festival in Malta[25] and at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival.[26]

November 2015, the mythical parisian theater Studio Galande program In Search of the Ultra-Sex every Friday and Saturday night in residence, just before The Rocky Horror Picture Show, screened there for 35 years.[27]

In various interviews, Nicolas & Bruno mention many film festivals to come in United States and also the project to achieve an American version of the film dubbed with American voices.[4] la recherche de lUltra-Sex.mkv


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