The plot is about a trio of medical residents in their late 20’s/early 30’s who nevertheless like to play all kinds of juvenile pranks on each other and everybody else (like pretending to be a mortally injured patient in an ambulance in order to score a freebie from a prostitute). The ring-leader is (of course) Alvaro Vitali playing his usual aggressive and ridiculously horny man-child (anticipating Adam Sandler’s “Billy Madison” character). Vitali pretty much always played an unsympathetic buffoon, but his cronies here are no better–one feigns a rare, fatal illness just to get close to a sexy female doctor (Karin Schubert) while the other cruelly abandons his fiancée at the altar. Their nemesis meanwhile, an older doctor, is a pompous boor engaged to Schubert, but even he doesn’t deserve being the butt of some of these cruel jokes.


https://filejoker.net/f1nxw5qxslqp/La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo (1976) — Gianni Martucci.mkv
https://filejoker.net/eqxc1kf38awp/La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo (1976) — Gianni Martucci.srt


Subtitles:English, Spanish, Russian (muxed), English (srt)

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