In an interview with Nanarland, Brigitte Lahaie said: “Jean-Marie is a nice guy but he has no clue what being a director means. I always was under the impression he wanted to bone me, but he was unsuccessful so he included himself in the cast f a movie I was playing in.”
She refused to play in his movies after that

Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart, France Lomay, Julia Perrin, Manu, Marilyn Jess, Sylvia Castell,
Jean-Marie Pallardy, Mike Monty, Georges Gueret, Jean Luisi, Bernard Musson, Jacques Gateau,
Gabriel Pontello, Robert le Ray

Massagesalon Blutjunger Madchen [Germany]
Le journal érotique d’une Thailandaise [France]
Emanuele 3 [US-dubbed version]
An Erotic Journal of a Lady from Thailand [UK]
Carnal Times in Thailand [UK]
Clit¨° petalo del sesso [Italy]
Emmanuelle – Im Teufelskreis der Leidenschaft [West Germany]
Porno bordella [Italy]
Super porno bordella [Italy]



Language(s):English, French

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