Typical New World/Corman sexploitation medical melodrama, all quite innocent and good fun in a nostalgic way.

Bikini medicine!

Enjoyable entry in the nurse series
Author: Woodyanders from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
15 June 2010
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A trio of young nurses get into all sorts of trouble at a hospital: sweet and sunny Kitty (an endearingly spunky portrayal by lovely blonde Jean Manson) falls for handsome boat racer Donahue (likable Zach Taylor), gutsy and assertive Joanne (well played with spirited aplomb by fetching brunette Ashley Porter) breaks protocol while aspiring to be a doctor, and socially conscientious Michelle (a fine performance by Angela Gibbs) investigates a drug ring operating out of the hospital. Director Clint Kimbrough, working from a tight and to the point script by Howard R. Cohen, relates the eventful story at a constant snappy pace, maintains an amiable tone throughout, and delivers more than enough yummy female nudity and steamy soft-core sex to satisfy exploitation movie fans (Manson in particular looks absolutely delectable sans clothes). The attractive and appealing cast keeps things humming: Manson, Porter, and especially Gibbs excel in the lead roles, with sound support from Allan Arbus as tough, but fair chief surgeon Krebs, William Joyce as smarmy rich jerk Fairbanks, Mary Doyle as snippy head nurse Dockett, and Kimberly Hyde as sexy candy striper Peppermint. Popping up in nifty bits are Dick Miller as a mean, unsympathetic cop, Sally Kirkland as a woman at a sex clinic, and Mantan Moreland in his last role as an old man. Legendary director Samuel Fuller contributes a neat, but regrettably brief appearance as smooth and ruthless drug ring mastermind Doc Haskell. Daniel Lacambre’s sharp cinematography gives the picture a pleasing sparkling look. Gregory Prestopino’s funky bluesy score and the groovy jammin’ soundtrack further enliven this nifty little flick.



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