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So much porn is amateur night or 1-day crap, so it is refreshing to watch a minor but sleekly professional effort like THE YOUNGER THE BETTER. It has no pretensions and covers no new ground, but is quality adult entertainment.

Jennifer West stars winningly as a hooker who frankly admits she’s getting on in years. Though only 34 (the actress and her fictional character too) when this film was made it’s true that sex is a youngster’s profession, so she and her manager (more confidante than pimp) Ray Wells concoct a scheme for carrying on, by having her teach sweet young things to take over the business, splitting the proceeds.

School for Sex is a corny notion, but this completely scripted (no fumbling over ad libs) movie goes through the paces with élan. The three young girls who answer an ad for the school are fresh faces and they go through the field tests (i.e., servicing Johns chosen from Jennifer’s client list) with enthusiasm. Ray is around to help demonstrate and we get a lively, pleasant XXX diversion.

One element that misses the boat is Jennifer’s use of closed-circuit TV to capture her own sex acts as well as those of her young charges. Admittedly VHS had not become pervasive as yet, but film (for 1982) seems old-fashioned in this regard.

Filmmaker Stu Segall, now ensconced as a successful TV producer, but back in the day famous for his hit movies starring Marilyn Chambers, knows how to crank out a movie with some production values, including an original music score with appropriate songs. West, who when she got older switched from hardcore porn to the forerunners of today’s lucrative light bondage roles (IMDb classifies them as “adventure” videos for some absurd reason), is a solid heroine, and Ray Wells is very sympathetic -he’s an underrated porn actor who I recently saw giving a fine performance in the recommended sleeper BLUE HEAT.



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