Kidnappings, murders and gang war for the control of a drug traffic…

There’s really a unique touch in those early Bénazéraf movies. You’re a bit somewhere between thriller, exploitation and Nouvelle Vague…
As I understood, the version released in the US already on the site is severely cut and suffers from a ludicrous English dubbing. The movie certainly deserves better than that…

“This film was a lot more then I expected. There is some really nice cinematography of Paris, circa the early 1960’s. The movies plot is not that important here. The film is about rival gangs in Paris trying to control the Heroin Trade, but the gangsters take long breaks to watch beautiful nude dancers. The entire film is a free jazz score by Chet Baker. This amazing score is worth the price of admission alone. It is one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard on any film regardless of era. The Night of Lust has an hysterical over dub. I am certain it was not meant to be so funny, but when I watched this film with a crowd in Portland, the place was in stitches. Bottom line. This film is amazing. Boobies, Baker and Beatings.” – IMDB comment




Subtitles:English .srt

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