Cynthia, an exotic dancer in a upscale resort in Southern France, is seduced by a strange couple, Alpha, a being from another dimension and her human slave, Andros. Alpha places highly toxic matter (which also has hypnotic powers) into Cynthia’s sex during love-making. From then on she will be a helpless pawn in a plot to destroy a psychic and a biologist who have become aware of the alien invasion and pose a threat to the plan.

No-budget SF-SEX esoterica with a very effective performance by Lina as the tragic Cynthia. This film has very little dialogue and an outre ambience supported by a soundtrack which includes strange, industrial type sounds, minimalist locations, and, in this longer version, a weird extended boat ride down a river with white horses and exotic animals on its banks.

This could be termed Fantastique cinema and almost seems like a Jean Rollin film at times. Very under appreciated and one of the director’s rare excursions into science fiction. This version is approximately 15 minutes longer than the hardcore French version[.] This version is highly recommended over the hardcore, which subtracts even more footage for the sex scenes. — Robert Monell




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