Jane and her friends are in Africa. When Jane gets lost in the woods and vanishes, she wakes up at the foot of the ape-man. One thing leads to another, apeman explores Madame and she does a little exploring herself to their mutual enjoyment. Turns out the ape man’s real name is John, and he is the son of an aristocrat who was lost in the woods 20 years earlier. John consoled himself by overthrowing everything that moves to the delight of the ladies. Since porn movies always follow successful commercial films, it wass clear that the icon par excellence of the ape-man would have several incarnations more “carnal”. Joe D’Amato’s film gracefully captures the Tarzan legend using the husband-wife team of Rosa Caracciolo & Rocco Siffredi. The women are sexy, the jungle photography is beautiful, all in all, this is a very enjoyable watch. Note that the film uses the famous cry invented for Johnny Weismuller.

Spanish Language with Soft English Subtitles

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