From IMDB: “Not nearly as sexually graphic or violent as either the original ‘Caligula’ or D’Amato’s film, this is strictly soft core all the way – bar two scenes involving mating horses (taken from ‘The Beast’) and donkeys (filmed specifically for this film). I wouldn’t call this historically accurate exactly (there’s an understatement!), but I’ll let that pass as the film at least tries to pile on the sleaze to make up for its other shortcomings: even though everything that goes on here is too cheesy to be offensive. For instance, during a torture sequence, a man is seen chained upside down and hacked between the legs with a sword, causing him to bleed to death. This could have been disturbing, if not for the fact the victim has been stripped down to a ghastly pair of black pants, which just made me smile with amusement. The rape of a bride and groom, also seen in the Penthouse version, is re-played here, only Caligula rapes the guy with his penis this time and not his fist. There is also a threesome involving a midget and scenes of incest.”




Language: English
Subtitles: None

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