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EXPOSE ME, LOVELY is a porn movie version of the 1941 film,LADY IN THE LAKE in which Ras Kean plays private eye Harry “Frosty” Knight,a NYC private eye in the tradition of Sam Spade, Phillip Marlowe and Mike Hammer,who must find a missing young man who is heir to a fortune from his politician father, but Kean finds out soon enough that the missing person case is more than that,since he finds himself framed for murder. Of course being a 70’s porn film, the plot is secondary to the explicit sex scenes, but director Armond Weston who also wrote the script, directs both the plot which has many scenes from the point of view of the private eye(just like LADY IN THE LAKE) with flashbacks and the many sex scenes in a very artsy film noir manner that makes this film in my opinion,an almost perfect adult film for couples and not only for horny males.




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