The movie really stays quite consistent with the Disney version, except of course that there’s tons of sex in it. The acting isn’t too bad from what I can tell. The dwarfs really are dwarfs, and they act pretty good, and Snow White is very pretty and funny acting. The Wicked Witch is weird, and she has seams on her breast from recent implants I guess, yuck. The costumes are good in this movie, and so are the settings. The sex scene with Snow White and the dwarfs is the most bizarre part of this movie. With super happy music playing, all the dwarfs stand around cheering and laughing while Snow White looks very happy and goofy acting while having sex with various dwarfs. Quite strange to see I assure you.

This movie is very difficult to find. I got it from a website called “Gotta See Dvds”. The version I received was badly dubbed in a language I don’t understand, and also badly subtitled in another language I don’t understand. But nevertheless, I spent a couple of years trying to find it, so I was pretty excited to finally see it. And now, it’s available from American sites, I think, so I should have waited.

Though not a terrific movie, the costumes are good, the setting is good, Snow White is very beautiful, the Prince is attractive, and the dwarfs are quite funny. It’s the best porn spoof I’ve seen since I saw the Alice in Wonderland one (1976). So, you should see it if you are interested in movies like this.




Eng srt.

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