Review from IMDb-
Surreal mixture of pinku, pornography and vampire horror
“Daydream” is a structureless succession of bizarre and erotic set-pieces revolving around a series of fantasies in a dentist’s waiting room. A young woman named Chieko begins hallucinating whilst sitting on the dentist’s chair. Her hallucinations involve a dental surgeon, who molests and sexually abuses the woman. She is subjected to a lengthy bondage session by the dentist, then she is pursued naked by him through a shopping mall and so on. The uncut Dutch version of “Daydream” contains several explicit scenes of pornography including a very long sequence of Kyoko Aizome being fingered by the dental surgeon. The commercial success of the film resulted in making “Daydream 2” aka “Captured for Sex” in 1987.




Original Japanese audio, with fixed Dutch subtitles

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