Lust Till Dawn starts with a woman tells a cop her story about heroes who fought vampires, battling them to try and get to the vampire Queen. When they finally reach her, she morphs into a stuntman, and then fights with them before she gets burned. Her ashes are hidden, but her underlings have recently tracked them down. To bring her back a nubile vampire seduces a guy, and then bites him during sex. He looses a fair bit of blood, but fortunately none of it was needed to maintain his erection; he just keeps going till he climaxes, and then he dies. His blood awakens the Queen and the (blood) sucking resumes. To restore her full power, the Queen must feed on the blood of the offspring of the heroes that burned her. Her minions go after them, but before killing them and bringing the Queen their bodily fluids, they must naturally seduce them.

From Lust Dill Dawn has some okay production value for a porno, so it’s a bit more than just a bunch of porn stars sporting cheap fangs. There’s a bit of awkward direction with some of the sex scenes, including a few angles that Porno Holocaust should’ve put everyone off ever using again. It’s a silly movie, but doesn’t try to hide it, and I much preferred it to Dark Angels.

no pass

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