Director Aured is best remembered for his early films with Paul Naschy. These titles include THE MUMMY’S REVENGE, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB and CURSE OF THE DEVIL. With those types of credits he might seem like a strange choice for a hardcore Spanish flick but there’s no denying that he certainly created one of the strangest flicks ever made. Five people in a gang (two played by Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay) have fun by constantly having sex with one another and doing petty crimes but they decide to take things a step further by kidnapping a rich man’s daughter. Soon they’re demanding one-million in cash but they’re also turned on by the fact that the girl is a virgin and they all want a part of her. Soon the victim falls for one of the members and tries to get him to run off with her. As with many films in this genre, this one was filmed in a soft (74-minute) and hard (92-minute) version and I was able to see a subtitled hardcore print. The picture quality was fairly bad but it was certainly nice to see the subtitles. The story itself really isn’t anything that great and in facts it’s rather simple. The majority of the time we’re either watching sex or the various characters are talking about forming smaller groups and leaving the rest behind. None of the dialogue is all that good but for this type of film it’s not overly bad. The crime aspect of the story isn’t anything you wouldn’t see in a third-rate American porno and it all leads up to an ending that most people will see coming from a mile away. The hardcore footage is pretty rough and you can tell that it was badly edited in but at least all of the cast members are doing their own work so you don’t have to sit through them knowing that others are doing the added scenes. If you’re a fan of Jess Franco then you know that many of his soft titles were edited by producers with hardcore scenes from other people added. Judging by the way they’re edited here I’m going to guess that the producer added them so that he could sell the film to more markets but again, at least the original actors are doing the parts. Wilson and Romay are Franco vets so I’m going to go out on a limb and say their fans are the ones who are going to want to check this film out. Both are fairly good in their roles, although the screenplay really doesn’t require too much. The film’s nasty reputation comes from the fact that various objects (pool stick, candle, knife) are used for penetration and Wilson is usually the one getting the abuse. These scenes are poorly shot, un-erotic and really don’t add much to the film. Fans of sexploitation might want to check this one out but it’s mainly for fans of the two stars.

Spanish audio, UNCUT, XXX inserts with italian audio.

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