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Best erotic movie on pay cable
21 April 2004 | by chrisa777 (UA, USA) –

This movie is truly a diamond in the rough. If youre like me you are tired off all the garbage erotic movies that play late at night on HBO, showtime, etc…. Movies that look like they were shot at some producers summer house on a department store dv cam; with mediocre looking actresses with implants 2 sizes too big. Total Romance is the antithesis of this and a lesson in how to make a great erotic film.

Every girl in this movie is a knockout and the sex scenes are freqeunt and very erotic . The direction is excellent as well; this movie has a lot of style, with great cinematography and lighting, and an engaging euro/dance soundtrack. This movie seems a cut above all the crap that usually gets shown on pay cable.

It is french and dubbed, the dubbing is done well so the story doesnt make much sense: But who really cares about the story anyway? The reason to watch this are the beautiful girls and the classy erotic action.

If catch this late night on HBO or cinemax give it a go, you wont be disapointed


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