This bed ‘n’ breakfast is the perfect place to work on your bedside “manner”. At her palatial estate, trampy Miss Isabel is interviewing private-duty nurses to take care of Jacques, her horny bedridden cousin. But, the only one who ends up getting “bed ridden” are the nurses. Welcome to Bedside Manor, a very hot property where more than the roof gets raised. European superstud Gabriel Pontello is on hand to service Miss Isabel and the nurses. And what about that lecherous cousin? Well, the old fool gets so fired up watching some torrid girl-girl action, he hosts an all-star orgy that’s a blowout bunny-banging bonanza!
Isabelle has just hired a new nurse for her bedridden uncle Lawrence, but at first, the girl is pretty shocked by the sexual shenanigans all around the house. But with a little initiation, she soon gets horny enough herself to participate, and it doesn’t take long for her to ask her employer for the ultimate favour: To have intercourse with her own private lover. Isabelle agrees, but only if they do it in front of everybody in the house, including herself and uncle Lawrence. Because she wants it so much, the young nurse loses all inhibitions, and has the best sex ever … and the whole thing turns her on quite so much, that she later has no reservations about having sex with the good uncle as well. Eventually, the nurse leaves the house, but Isabelle is already interviewing a new girl to fill her shoes, in more sense than one.[1985]José_Bénazéraf.avi.html

Eng dubbed

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