IMDb User Review No 1:

Alice, a shy girl joins Gabrielle Pontrello and some horny friends for hot fun on a chatelet in the French alps. Hot sex scenes and nice other girls.

IMDb User Review No 2:

I know this film by its US title, WHITE HEAT, and boy is it ever hot!!! Tragically, at least to my knowledge, this film is presently unavailable. How is it that genuinely sexy films, such as this, are relegated to the dustbin and films that are cheesy, with actresses with fake boobs, dried out flyaway hair, too much makeup and zero acting ability are ubiquitous?! For couples I would recommend White Heat if they can come across a copy. The lovely blonde,Olinka is picked up by my favorite, Gabriel Pontello at a Parisian restaurant, they have met through an ad agency. The couple retreat to a lovely cabin in the ski country of the French Alps. Well some of the most exciting and enjoyable of erotic adventures proceeds. Everyone will fall in love with the maid, who, apparently, mistakenly in the dubbed US version was given Olinka’s character’s name, Alice. This lovely woman of African descent is a stunning beauty and will certainly long remain in one’s memory as a major talent of the genre.

Love, romance, misunderstandings, and Alpine scenery and hot and COLD sex, WHITE HEAT may be one of my top 10 favorite all time films of the genre, if not of all films.’Amour_aux_sports_d’hiver_Marilyn-Wild_und_unersattlich_1981.avi.html


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