The films of Jess Franco are something of an acquired taste, especially those from his psychedelic period in the late 1960s. It was during that period that he began to be allowed freedom of creativity from his producers, a move not everyone would agree was a good thing. But for those who appreciate them, Franco’s pictures have a weird sexiness and bold strangeness that often careens into the surreal.

The plot is somewhat on the cryptic side, but the essentials are that Lorna (Janine Reynaud) stars in a Lisbon nightclub act that combines sex and snuff for decadent onlookers, and she has a somewhat strained romantic relationship with promoter Bill Mulway. In between attending bizarre parties and having even stranger dreams, a mysterious man, is releasing Lorna’s inner demon, making her an insatiable sex object with a thirst for blood.

It’s a key picture in the Franco catalog, with numerous aspects that will reappear in his work, such as the sadistic stage show (Vampyros Lesbos), the character name Lorna, which he will recycle countless times, and the attraction of sadism and lesbianism (Eugenie, as well as many others).

Extras: “From Necronomican to Succubus” -featurette (interview with director Jess Franco – 22 min)
“Back To Berlin” -featurette (interview with actor Jack Taylor – 7 min)
Theatrical trailer



English Language, no subtitles

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