Roy Stuart (born October 25, 1942 in New York City) is an American photographer and director who lives in Paris. His books are published by Taschen.
One of the characteristics of the photographs of Roy Stuart is an astute blending of glamour photography and pornography which puts a strong emphasis on female models and BDSM aesthetics.
His work has proven to be popular at KG “Giulia” link and “The Fourth Body”link He is also seen in “Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 1″link
Now Roy Stuart concentrates primarily on filmmaking but still takes photographs focussing on the female form and erotica.

Every Roy Stuart Glimpse is centred (of course) on female pleasure, and Glimpse 5 is of similar generous length to its companions, at ca 140 minutes. Yet it’s distinctively different from all the others. For one thing, we’re offered, instead of the usual 15-minute ‘chapter’ jumps, no fewer than fourteen neatly-indexed scenes – each with its own inviting 30-second thumbnail preview – varying in length between five and eighteen minutes. The hint should be taken: these are scenes to be savoured, not rushed. Viewing just one or two at a sitting, you’ll best appreciate the offbeat artistry of each. More than half feature a single ecstasy-seeker (-finder indeed, most times), or two or three separate workers with fingers and/or vibrators, but other scenes are mini-compilations in their own right.[ROY_STUART]02.19.02.avi.html

Language(s):English & French

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