This is a rather well done production by the Amero brothers, even if this movie is not as bizarre than Bacchanale their previous effort. Obviously being a production from the beginning of the seventies the story is not that complicated and is more an excuse to present a series of sex scenes. But this story is still interesting as we follow an hawker saleswoman who sells sexual aids article and the majority of these encounters are quite amusing. The last one is definitely in the WTF category and it’s really hard not to laugh from the beginning to the end. This one takes place in a cinema where Monica Rivers (a ravishing redhead) had a sexual relationship with the manager of the theater (Leon Oriana) in front of the screen while the customers watch a movie when suddenly the lights turn on, they continue normally (or as normally as possible when a crowd watches and applauds) when suddenly Stars and Stripes Forever begins to play and a couple (Kurt Mann and Darcy Brown) comes on stage to tap dance and Kurt Mann smiled as it was the best day of his life. Obviously the others meetings does not equal the greatness of this final, but they all have their moment of fun. If we except Dolly Sharp, Jamie Gillis, Kurt Mann and William Love (apart from this film he was in Deep Throat) the rest of the film cast is composed of one timers. Well known actress [Uta Erickson] who has been in countless New York softcore roughies appears for the last time is this feature. The only real complaint that I can make about this film is that it was not recorded live and the voices were added later in post-synchronization (which is pretty obvious with the voice of Jamie Gillis since it isn’t his voice at all) and some of those voices are rather annoying and unpleasant.

Campy to the max, some genuine humor and a very dated feel — clearly the early days of hardcore sex on film. But the one-shot wonder in the starring role, Monica Rivers, is a delightful, liberated, fun-loving redhead with a New York accent, not easily forgotten. IMDb includes her in the cast of another film called Forbidden Under Censorship of the King.
A young Jamie Gillis appears in the first sex scene in Dymanite, and he pretends to play the piano with much emotion. Gillis is surprisingly reticent in this scene — the only time I can recall seeing Gillis keep his mouth shut this much was in Water Power, when he played a truly disturbed socially-challenged creep.
Dolly Sharp’s performs one of the first anal scenes shown in a commercial porn film. This was a big deal in 1972.
Uta Erickson, who plays the lady prez of Yvonne Calling, is in a non-sex role here, but fans of 60’s sexploitation classics will recognize her. She appeared in B-grade wonders like Bacchanale, Passion in Hot Hollows, Daughters of Lesbos, The Curse of Her Flesh, Sin in the City, and Unholy Matrimony.

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