A real Love Story, with the difference that the camera won’t move to the ceiling this time. Nice characters. No avant-garde movie maybe, but nice stuff. Happy-go-lucky group of friends living in the same flat on the one hand, decadent bourgeois family on the other.
The female lead (probably Julie, though she is never named in the dialogue) is the daughter of a man who runs a café. She’s with a small group of people (Martine Grimaud and two boys) who share every pleasure life has to share. Well… Martine more than Julie, for Julie keeps to herself waiting for real love most probably. Frank is the son of a politician (Le Président) named Poulard Dutremble who, with his wife (Ellen Earl), organizes sex parties, involving people like Carmélo Petix, Charlie Schreiner, the black valet (Manu Pluton), the maid (Sylvia Bourdon) and others. One day, Dutremble Jr meets Julie and Martine at the public library and they really seem to enjoy the moment.
When Dutremble Jr comes home, a party is at its best but he avoids everybody and remains on his own in the night… Dutremble Jr, leaving his parents for the afternoon comes across Julie in her father’s café. Obvious mutual tender feelings. Charlie Schreiner (who was at the Dutrembles’party in the previous scene) is now with Julie’s group and performs a very tender (though hard) scene. Another boy who’s watching this through the keyhole, is straddled by a girl. The flat being small, the sound always carries through [the thin walls] and the beds don’t remain empty for long. Everybody circulates from one room to the other. Nice scene with the very natural Chantal Fourquet. Only Julie doesn’t take part in this “musical beds” game.
Dutremble Jr soon is accepted into the little group and offers to help them since he’s from a rich family. First kiss on the beach before a setting sun. Julie takes her new friend to her room and they spend the night together (no sex scene/seen, sorry). Love, Peace and Happiness. Back home, Jr faces his naked mother and tells her he’s leaving home to live with Julie.
Julie introduces him to her father who takes them for a romantic outing at sea. When he introduces her to his family, his mother sticks her hand into Julie’s knickers. The son gets mad and decides never to cast his shadow on their door again.
Love scene on the rocks. Very romantic. Some hard close-ups but they may be with body doubles. The two lovers get married with the full consent of her father’s loving eyes. His parents are not invited.
Back to the Dutrembles, where the mother is busy with her black servant’s male attribute. Back at the wedding party we can see all those young people enjoying each other (Martine Grimaud and boyfriend, Chantal Fourquet with Anne Varese and Maria Malone, then Charlie Schreiner joins the girls’ threesome. Some seem to hit the jackpot sometimes.) Julie and her now husband have a few words on the baby topic. A baby would be the apex of their love. Both agree but time passes and there’s no pregnancy in sight. Meanwhile the black servant has become a street singer [and the maid has found work in a clinic.]
One day, Julie’s doctor tells her husband that she cannot have a baby [in the original version she apparently had a terminal disease revealed by her pregnancy test]. He tells her father who suggests helping them get through that bad pass. One day the son meets his father, and Poulard Dutremble offers to help. In fact Julie is aware of her problems and bravely faces it. The couple is one in their courage and love.
The former black servant meets the former Dutrembles’ maid and they have a talk in front of his tent. Marie goes to Dutremble Senior and tells him that she accidentally mixed up the bottles of urine used for the medical test. The young couple can now enjoy life to its fullest and look forward to a future life as parents.
Meanwhile Marie (Sylvia Bourdon) is sucking the black dick before taking it inside. That’s the way it goes on top of that sunny cliff!

Language(s):English dub

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