An erotic look at the casting process for a Broadway stage show. Cheryl Cooper is a veteran dancer who wants to be cast for a part, but is held back by the vindictive choreographer Bertha, whom she had a past tryst with. So, Cheryl resorts to seducing the director Sidney to land a part. Meanwhile, the sleazy producer Ed has sexual encounters with every woman he meets, while Manny, the financial backer, clashes off against Rue, an egoistical local talent agent who is trying to cast the popular Mona Randall for the lead in the play, while Mona has a meeting of minds and bodies with Manny’s business partner, Frank, to ensure that she land the lead.

CHORUS CALL is an unabashed clone/ripoff of “A Chorus Line”, with surprisingly good acting & direction besides the expected quality Kay Parker sex. It represents one of her best early roles prior to making history with TABOO.
Kay portrays a diva set to star in a new Broadway musical. Casting of the chorus is the main content, while feuding with a featured dancer causes most of the dramatics.
Beth Anna shines as the assistant to the director, having quality sex scenes with both male talent and pretty Susaye London. There is also a huge-breasted, uncredited stripper who is integrated into the plot, though her presence seems out of place amongst some real-life dancing talent in the cast.
Among the highlights is a troilism scene featuring Beth Anna, Kay and Joey Silera. Though film is predicated on hardcore sex, the dancing is surprisingly adequate, and even parodies elements of the original play, including a number entitled “Six Tits in a Row”. Filmmakers unabashedly feature a marquee for the real “A Chorus Line” on screen at one point.

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