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The Godson (“The Motion Picture Everyone’s Been Waiting For… Except the Syndicate!”) is a sordid Godfather retread by the late, great WILLIAM ROTSLER. It’s a tangled tale of murder, betrayal, seduction, and naked hysteria. Prepare to enter a world of mutton chops and pinkie rings.
JASON YUKON stars as Marco, a tough-as-nails enforcer working for “The Organization,” and the godson of crime boss Leo Rocca. Hellbent with ambition, nothing will stop Marco from attaining power. He learns the business by working for mafioso Mr. Danielli, a “greasy jerk” in control of the underworld’s prostitution. To Marco¹s disgust, Danielli is also a sadist who specializes in disciplining his stable of hookers. Marco is ordered to give the S&M treatment to Lark (porn star ORITA DE CHADWICK). After some titty-twisting, they get horizontal.
Mary (MARIA ARNOLD), a heroin addict, begs Marco to get her kid sister, Barbara (JAYNE ALLYSON), out of the clutches of Danielli. Marco promises he¹ll help and sets Mary up to meet the pimp. When they hook up, Marco surprises them and shoots both dead. He makes it look like a murder-suicide. With Danielli pushing up daisies, Marco swiftly moves up in the mob. He operates all the whorehouses and makes Barbara his mistress. Drunk with power, crime-crazy Marco has a chip on his shoulder the size of Cleveland.
In between bed-hopping, Marco gets on the shitlist of drug kingpin Guiterrez (DON GARCIA). While Marco is shagging Diana (the sultry LOIS MITCHELL), the daughter of an east coast mob boss, hitmen burst in and pockmark her with hot lead. Marco pulls out his piece (his other one, you perverts) and blows the contract killers into dogfood. To settle the war, Don Rocca arranges for Marco and his rival to fight “a duel.” The gunslingers meet at an abandoned farm. Guiterrez kidnaps Barbara as bait and catches Marco in the back with a shotgun blast. But as he gloats over his victim, Marco shoots out his eye with a derringer. He then drags himself over to Barbara and turns her into fertilizer. But there’s a last minute surprise ending…
This glimpse into the world of the sindicate should really be called The Slobfather. Jason Yukon is a hairy, short-fused gorilla who sneers his way through the film admirably. Legend has it that noted novelist HARLAN ELLISON is somewhere under the pile of nude bodies but I couldn’t spot him. Rotsler does a bang-up job (pun intended) of mixing the gunplay with some four-alarm fornication featuring a cast of smoldering sex bombs who are hotter than a volcano. Maria Arnold, DEBBIE McGUIRE, Lois Mitchell, Orita de Chadwick, and dairy queen USCHI DIGART will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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