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More primo sleaze from “one-hour wonder” XXX-roughie director, Joe Davian. This one has a little more story than some of his others, but is still quick to get to the sex and sleaze…

A bunch of sluts are in prison for various crimes, where they spend the day masturbating with dildos, forks, Barbie dolls, and sometimes boning the male guards and eating’ chili off their cocks.

The new hard-ass female warden shows early on that she ain’t takin’ no crap by raping Vanessa Del Rio with a billy-stick.

The prison psychologist is a weirdo with a penchant for sex-dolls, and when caught fondling his rubber-lover by the new warden – gets a lesson in domination including a good whipping and nipple-and-wiener clamping.

A few of the ladies “backstories” are told through flashbacks, including an inmate doing life for the murder of her husband – in a scene where he comes home drunk, rapes his daughter, and forces mother-and-daughter into a tag-team blow-job. Mommy ain’t havin’ it, so she stabs him.

Why she waits til AFTER the douche-bag rapes them is anyone’s guess, as the knife was under the bed all along. We also get some back-story on Sharon Mitchell’s character, who’s doin’ time for drugs after she gets double-teamed for some heroin in a mens bathroom and is apparently arrested afterward.

This scene proves to be quite prophetic for Mitchell and her real life later on.

Eventually the inmates decide they’ve had enough and cause a riot where they abduct the female warden, beat her, and have the male guard give her some golden-love.

The girls escape but their freedom is cut short when they all die in a car accident…

DOMINATION BLUE is pretty fun just from the sheer bizarre-ity of some of the scenes. The fork and Barbie masturbation scenes are strange to say the least, the incest rape is sleazy and rough – and the whole psychologist/warden/sex-doll sequence is just downright funny.

A flashback sex-scene with Mitchell and her “boyfriend” is pretty hot (I have a thing for Sharon when she was young and sported the long-hair…). One of the more entertaining of the “roughie” films, and worth a look to hardcore WIP fans (though the story is quite weak) or to fans of strange “classic” porn…8.5/10

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