Roy Stuart – Glimpse 1 (1990 – 2008)

DwX7bb0 Roy Stuart   Glimpse 1 (1990   2008)

The new Glimpse Video is unlike anything Roy’s done before, unlike any porn video ever, in fact. After viewing its unprecedented two hours and 20 minutes I called Roy and told him he should be entering this in film festivals because he’s done what so many have attempted and failed to do.
The New Glimpse Video is an exquisitely photographed experimental film with an eclectic sound track. It has been filmed and mastered using digital video equipment for superior image and sound quality. There are more than 30 women in over 40 separate scenes. The women are very real, right down to their abundant bushes, wet red pussies and lovely natural breasts, without being the tired housewives we’ve come to associate with American all-natural sex tapes. The women on this tape are truly beautiful, many European fashion models, often quite young, and yet they’re engaging in acts usually reserved for the coarsest old pros.

BQIBgGd Roy Stuart   Glimpse 1 (1990   2008)
Fss9ek3 Roy Stuart   Glimpse 1 (1990   2008)
l8ooqXk Roy Stuart   Glimpse 1 (1990   2008)


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pixel Roy Stuart   Glimpse 1 (1990   2008)
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