Constance is an erotic film directed by Knud Vesterskov and produced by Puzzy Power, a division of Lars von Trier’s film company Zentropa. It was the first hardcore pornographic film ever to have been produced by an established mainstream film studio. Constance is based on the Puzzy Power Manifesto developed by Zentropa in 1997, and was the first in a series of pornographic films aimed particularly at a female audience. The others would be Zentropa’s Pink Prison (1999) and All About Anna (2005).

The film features Katja Kean, Anaïs and Mark Duran in the leading roles. It tells the story of a young woman, Constance, who arrives at the experienced Lola’s house, where she is initiated into the mysteries of sexuality. The story is told in flashback via a framing devise with lyrical diary excerpts and naration read by mainstream actresses Christiane Bjørg Nielsen and Hella Joof.

The Puzzy Power Manifesto

1. Plot – The films must have plots. Individual sequences must be linked into a logical chain of emotions, fantasies, passion… The plot must be about something erotic, it must not be too extensive.

2. Eroticism – Feelings, passions, sensuality, intimacy, and the lead-up must be emphasized.

3. Visual style – We must see the beauty of the body… The body need not be completely naked, as partial concealment can be far more erotic.

4. Setting – Time and place are not crucial; what matters is what happens in the films.

5. Humour – Subtle humour is welcome,… but fun must not be poked at the sexual act itself.

6. What is not allowed There are no restrictions on what may be depicted in the films as long as it is presented in an acceptable way. The only limit is that women must not be subjected to violence or coercion against their will.

7. What we hate … is the oral sex scene where the woman is coerced to perform fellatio, her hair pulled hard, and come is squirted into her face.




Language:Danish, English
Subtitles:Danish, English

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