“…There has been for some time rumours about the origins of these features that are almost as tantalising as the films themselves. The main feeling being that a certain UK genre dealer is the man behind these productions, for long he has been exclusively the only distributor and promoter of the ‘Fantom Kiler’ franchise… Myself? I’m still not too sure, whether or not th rumoured top bloke is the man behind the mask (as they say) is as at this time not publicly known. But what I do know is that ‘Fantom Kiler’ is not the low budget amateur trash that some would expect it to be… more likely the product of a very talented and knowledgeable director who wants to maintain secrecy to his actual identity and let rip with such an outlandish endeavour, a savvy producer with the finance to make this production and a ensemble cast of simply gorgeous porn actresses who were willing to be killed in what would be an interesting and fun diversion from their usual workload…
Whether or not ‘Fantom Kiler’ is the product of a wary UK based exploitation aficionado or in fact a newly discovered Polish genius is yet to be ‘really’ known, but either way it has to be said that ‘Fantom Kiler’ is a massively entertaining sleazy exploitation romp that falls instantly into the category of being a SGM approved trash gem – sex and violence has never been so much fun! (Review by Alan Simpson)

When Sylvia’s (Maria Vaslova) car breaks down in a dark country lane, she soon finds herself surrounder by a bunch of retarded woodland peasants. Realising her superiority she sees them off. But unfortunatley for Sylvia her victory is short lived as they return to exact an humiliating and painful punishment. Stripped naked she is hung up and whipped to orgasm. Det. Lucie Novak (Hana Krosova) is sent to investigate this sex crime only to find herself drawn into a masochistic world of pain and pleasure orchestrated by the enigmatic Fantom Whipper. Now hopelessly addicted to the pleasures of the lash she agrees to commit any crime for her new found master..her payment, another intense orgasm from the merciless bullwhip as only the Fantom Whipper can deliver. Discharged by the police department for being found tied, naked and beaten in the forest she makes friends with the sophisticated Maria Markovska (Kate Blond) and both soon discover their common interest



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