Plot / Synopsis

Here is the much anticipated sequel to MARK OF THE WHIP, possibly the greatest of the sado-erotic cult films. The action begins immediately where the first film ended. In the original, poor Sylvia learned – firsthand – the joys of the bullwhip; now she tries to fight her addiction. But she soon learns the the sting of the lash also has a very dark side. Fans will be pleased to hear that MOTW 2 carries on from where the first film left off . Featuring many new sets and locations and a host of new stars (such as Tiffany Love) along with some well known faces (Maria Vaslova, Kate Blond) plus a special cameo by guest star Stacy Silver who is whipped for the first time ever on film. Mark of the Whip 2 features some of the strongest whipping scenes ever seen in such a movie. This one will take you on a stylishly dark journey into the depths of erotic depravity.


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