From Amos Vogel’s Film as a Subversive Art:
One of the best recent American ‘hard-core’ productions turns on the ‘research’ done by a California college girl for her paper on ‘sexual sub-cultures’. Answering kinky ads in the underground press, she meets a couple for a menage à trois (and while performing fellatio on the husband, is asked by the wife to ‘move her hair out of her face’ so she can watch better). She then lets herself be told by a man on the other end of a phone how to masturbate and to describe it to him at the same time; we see him masturbate as well, until both simultaneously come ‘by telephone’. Several adventures later, she finally delivers her paper: “Their sex life is awful and alienated… I never participated but only observed from an academic viewpoint.’ More than most, this film approaches erotic realism; despite its blatant commercialism it shows red pimples on buttocks, scratches on legs, penises that fall out amidst gales of laughter, chirping birds, ejaculations into a girl’s mouth on-camera. The protagonists are ‘doing their thing’ without hesitation. Significantly, the two constants are teh telephone (dangerous tool of a technological age) that here spins a web of corruption; and fellatio, with which every sex act in the film begins.




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