Tie a hot chick around a hot oak bed! Tony Orlando, not the famous singer we all love, but the late director who made this classic sexy escapade with hot chick from the 60’s like Gigi Darlene, who’ll make you knock three times, and hey, has anybody seen my sweet Judy Adler, and the mega-goddess, one and only, Alpha Centuri will wonder who’s been kissing her on that hot summer campus patch.
Small town bumpkin Sally (genre stalwart Gigi Darlene) gets a family friend to arrange for her admission to a big time New York college. She thanks him by sleeping with him. Feeling strange and left out, she asks her roommates for some advice. In between all the nudie negligee modeling and faux lesbian frolicking, they suggest she go to a “typical” campus party. There’s she meets a young “athletics” major and they immediately hit it off. Sally shows her approval by sleeping with him. Soon she is torn between two lovers. Then, she’s preggers. Finding it impossible to deal with the impending baby, she goes to the grimiest backroom abortionist in all of pre-Roe vs. Wade USA. Of course, she can’t go through with it. Instead, she finds another sucker…I mean, university student – to make her an honest woman…whatever that is.
In HOT NIGHTS ON CAMPUS, country girl Sally (Gigi Darlene) heads to New York to start college. John, a friend of the family and professor at her college has arranged for her to share a large apartment with several other girls. She quickly discovers that college parties are racier than anything she’s ever encountered before as her roommates conduct an orgy in the middle of their apartment living room while she makes small talk with sensitive athlete Stan. John tells her that this is all part of growing up and that she will have to face it (and then he puts the moves on her). Pretty soon Sally is seeing both John and Stan (who meet her for encounters in the apartment which seems to always be conveniently empty despite the fact that five other girls live there). When Sally’s funds run low, she models for a mens magazine and discovers that her attack of nausea isn’t from guilt. She’s pregnant and she doesn’t know whether John or Stan is the father (especially without Maury Povich’s DNA paternity testing available).
HOT NIGHTS ON CAMPUS (which only ever shows us the same campus exterior and two blank walls for a classroom) is shot on real New York interiors (and grabbed exteriors) and has a time-capsule quality to it. Star Gigi Darlene looks a bit like eighties Madonna (including the pointy bra) and the rest of the cast are generally attractive but are not called on to do much emoting since the entire film is narrated ostensibly by the protagonist (with the exception of the opening narration by an authoritative male voice warning of the temptations to the youth who flock to college towns every year). Shot in 1966, the sex and nudity is still very much of the teasing variety but was probably quite surprising at the time and considered abundant by those standards. While the film alone might not make for the most stimulating viewing — intellectual or otherwise — HOT NIGHTS ON CAMPUS works well as a co-feature (and it probably was when shown back in 1966). Director Tony Orlando is not THE Tony Orlando but a sixties filmmaker with three nudie features to his credit (including this one) and the cinematographer/editor was the prolific C. Davis Smith who collaborated on several works by prolific sixties female exploitation director Doris Wishman (of which, several of her features contained narration and entirely post-recorded dialogue with the camera never focusing on the mouths or sometimes even the faces of the actors during spoken exchanges).




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