Plot: During the 1930’s, in America, there was a sect composed of rich and eccentric libertines. They rejected any idea of love, considered artistic creation as a form of evil and tried to find in total sexual freedom the ecstasy of pure being. Following a conference that they called in New York in 1937, all members of the sect disappeared. Years later a journalist tracked them down to a secret location in the forests of South America. He too was never heard of again. This film is the story of some of their daughters.

The Different Versions (from Wikipedia): The English-dubbed version, running only 88 minutes, and the original version (103 minutes) are totally different in plot. The dialogue and the order of scenes have been changed. The English version, with help of added footage of a space rocket, is a story about aliens. The most explicit scenes have been removed. The music however has not been edited and it jumps at times because of the cuts and the reordering of the scenes.

Trivia From IMDB: In 1976 a German magazine featured an article, ranting in indignation about Irina Ionesco letting her then 11 year old daughter, Eva Ionesco, appear in this ‘adult’ film, and appearing naked at that (though evidently not in any sex scenes). This article included still shots of Eva from the set, both dressed and fully nude, as well as alongside other women who do appear in the film, so clearly she was attached to the project at one point or another. However, there are currently 3 different versions of this film floating around now-days, none of which has *any* scenes with Eva Ionesco, nor does any of them include her name in the credits. So it is highly plausible that all of her scenes were never intended to actually be included in the final version of the film, but whether the whole thing was just a publicity stunt orchestrated by her mother (one of quite a few in the mid 70’s), or what other reasons there may have been is anyone’s guess.




Subtitles:English (.srt)

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