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Good Parody Porn

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No prizes for guessing that Edward Penishands parodies the iconic Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands. The plot’s wafer-thin but does spoof some scenes from the Tim Burton film to good effect. The dinner table/eating scene is very funny. The facial expressions of Sikki Nixx (as Penishands) are spot-on and spoof the character well.

In between the sex scenes with Penishands are sex scenes with other characters. These scenes seem to be there to pad the film out to give it a longer running time. All the sex scenes in the film are good but some seem to go on for too long. Another disappointing factor of the film is it was shot on video and unfortunately some shots appear too bright or washed-out. The cinematography is of a high standard featuring varied camera angles throughout. The film appears to be filmed in a studio and some sets appear spartan (e.g. the living room). This detracts from the realism as it is noticeable.

What lets Edward Penishands down is the fact that the ‘hands’ are obviously fake. Despite the hands having the ability of pleasuring women we know he can’t get pleasure from it as such, which shatters the illusion. However, as a saving grace the hands do ‘squirt’. There were a number of other prosthetic sex films made and this is one of the more famous ones. This is worth seeing though, if only for the novelty value.

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