Definitly not Mulot’s best, but still watchable
3 September 1999 | by Pierre-Alexandre Buisson (robottears@hotmail.com) (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

This movie is interesting in more than one aspect; Mulot’s camera work and storyline are still personnal and, I must say, very interesting… This time around we follow the adventures of a lovable creature who poses in “erotic” mags. She is stalked by some kind of maniac killing people around her.

The music is not memorable, but the characters are all interesting and the best point of the movie is the model played by Florence Guérin. She is sexy in a 80’s way, and Mulot has created a movie where you actually WANT the “heroin” to be victimised. Her face litterally ASKS for abuse and you can’t deny it. I don’t know about any other movies she has acted in, but she is worth it… The end of the movie is the kind of freeze frame where you wonder if there will be another bad sequel following…




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