Tinto Brass – Monamour (2005)

monb Tinto Brass   Monamour (2005)

logoimdbb Tinto Brass   Monamour (2005)

xploitedcinema.com: Tinto Brass’ latest film MONAMOUR is the love-story of a Venetian girl, Marta, and a Frenchman, Leon. The story takes place in Mantua, a city rich in cultural evocativeness and sensual stimuli from food, music, art, the frescoes of Giulio Romano. Marta the deluded wife of Dario, a writer, meets Leon and starts the habitual Brass lust-driven adventure. Stars Anna Jimskaia, Max Parodi, Riccardo Marino and Nela Lucic.

vlcsnap00003db0 Tinto Brass   Monamour (2005)
vlcsnap00005ek8 Tinto Brass   Monamour (2005)
vlcsnap00008cm2 Tinto Brass   Monamour (2005)



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pixel Tinto Brass   Monamour (2005)

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