Indie Sex: Extremes – The most controversial sex scenes are the ones that really push the envelope – from Lolita to Secretary to Nine Songs. Indie Sex: Extremes explores everything from real sex on screen, S&M, fetish, and more. The films that are explored exemplify how cinema can be used to express the vast range of human sexuality.

Featuring interviews with:
Rosanna Arquette
Jami Bernard
Catherine Breillat
Alonso Duralde
Bilge Ebiri
Ari Gold
John Cameron Mitchell
Kieran O’Brien
Tatum O’Neal
Billy Porter
Peter Sarsgaard
Matt Singer
Jason Solomons
Guinevere Turner
Dita Von Teese
Stephanie Zacharek

Washington Blade: IFC takes a chance with their newest documentary miniseries “Indie Sex,” which airs four episodes at midnight on Aug. 1-4, and as with the best envelope-pushing, the gamble really pays off. The progressive series looks at how sex is portrayed in independent movies by breaking it down into four specials exploring censorship, taboos, teens and extremes (like kink and S&M).

“Indie Sex” is no tired rehash of all the usual sex scene subjects, because the directors and their interviewees are so knowledgeable about the genre. While there’s enough footage that everyone will recognize, there are a number of obscure films highlighted, making for an adventurous Netflix queue for several months.

It would have been easy for IFC to trot out a bunch of stock footage and get some talking heads to make a quick VH1-style “50 Hottest Moments in Independent Sin-ema,” full of tarted-up jokes and tired puns. Instead, it chose to make a smart compilation that really examines how audiences’ attitudes toward sex on film have changed over time, the effect those representations have on our culture and where they will go in the future.




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