A funny IMDb comment:

I rented this one with a friend who was staying at my house when we were in high school because of the women in late ’70s bikini wear on the video cover and the title “Has Anyone Seen my Pants.” It looked like it could be the funniest movie ever made.

Then we watched it. Not only was it extremely un-funny with it’s high comedy and slapstick style, the actors and actresses running around nude were NOT anything like the young women on the video cover! They were getting close to being senior citizens and they were naked. These things just shouldn’t be filmed.

The plot? Search me, I was confused most of the time, but I remember that most of it took place in a hotel. I guess I shouldn’t have kept my eyes covered through most of it.

All in all, my friend and I learned our lesson the hard way by trying to sneak this one past our parents. I feel scarred for life.





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