From the SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO web site:

“Los Angeles has a population of seven million people. Thirty thousand are prostitutes, one million are homosexuals, and two million are deviates.” (And that’s just counting Something Weird customers!)

And so begins City of Sin, a pornographic satire of Dragnet. Detectives “Smutley and Thursday” are two square-shouldered cops bringing the hammer down on Sin City. (“We gotta get these loose cunts off the street!”) Their plan? “To subject ourselves to vice and corruption.”

The crime-busting duo go undercover in the red light district. Thursday picks up CLAUDIA GRAYSON, a bodacious hooker with long dirty blonde hair and a killer bod. She inflates his inner tube, then takes a spin on his bald-headed butler: “You’re busted!” he pants, after unleashing a pint of boy-butter on her.

Smutley is proud of his partner for “risking his life.” “Sometimes an officer must go beyond the call of duty to protect the people, “Thursday calmly explains. The police target a whorehouse next and plant video cameras to gather evidence. The two cops call in their chief and the trio watch a variety of erotic antics. These include a lucky slob who has hot monkey sex with MYCLE BRANDY and two other girls who appear to be either drunk and/or stoned. (They knock heads and almost fall off the bed several times!)

Next it’s “Surf and Turf “as a pair of perverted lesbians share a two-headed dildo for the benefit of an excited customer who has tire tread marks on his shaft. He gives them the one-gun salute.

Last (and definitely least), a gum-chewing mistress abuses a cakeboy by hog-tying him, then torturing him with a corkscrew bottle opener and a whisk broom. “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” the Chief says, rubbing his aching crotch. Armed with all the evidence they need, Smutley and Thursday bust the cathouse and get ready for their next assignment: Operation Gay Bar.”


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