A delightful artifact back from porn’s golden age, The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue is about Algon (R. Bolla) who is permanent dissatisfied with the loveless, but otherwise perfect 21st Century. He falls, hard, for a “satisfier” (high-tech courtesan), and as everyone knows, falling for a sex worker can be a bad idea…

Starring a deliciously young Sharon Mitchell, and including a scene with an equally-delicious, very dominant Annie Sprinkle, this is a remarkably insightful and well-made movie. The sets and effects are a bit silly, of course, but that’s not important: The sex is copious and extensive, and R. Bolla and Hillary Summers (as the pursued satisfier) actually bring some acting skills to the table. And did we mention how delicious Sharon Mitchell and Annie Sprinkle are in it? Highly recommended both as a great movie in and of itself, and as a fascinating look at the direction porn almost went. (1981, 85 min.)

Cast: Sharon Mitchell, Annie Sprinkle, Tiffany Clark, Lisa Thatcher, Carolyn Sand, Hillary Summers, Lee Carroll, Maria Tortuga, Holly Page, R. Bolla, George Payne, Jody Maxwell, Herschel Savage.




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