Justine And Juliette is a modern re-telling of the classic sex tale from the Marquis de Sade. Beautiful actresses Maria Forsa and Anne Bie Warburg play two sisters caught in a web of sex and sensual pleasures. Swedish cinematographer Mac Ahlberg (credited here as Bert Torn) directed this classic erotic film from the 1970’s known not only for its beautifully photographed hard-core sex scenes, but also as an early film featuring US hardcore star, Harry Reems. Ahlberg’s film-making style and cinematography reminds me a lot of Radley Metzger’s work. Their films are always great to look at and have substantive storylines for the genre. Also stars Kate Mundt, Brigitte Maier, Lisbeth Olsen, Louise Frevert, Lone Gersel & Irene Lindholm


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