Love and Psyche (1996)

* (out of 4)

The beautiful woman of Greece refuses to bring any more men into her bed because she has fallen in love with a God. Does the story really matter? This here is a pretty bland and boring hardcore feature from D’Amato, which features some rather unattractive sex scenes as well as a boring story thrown in. The movie is very slow paced and is yet another example of the director not being too interested in the subject.

Director Joe D’Amato will always be remembered for his horror films like BEYOND THE DARKNESS and ANTROPOPHAGUS as well as his long running Emanuelle series with Laura Gamser. After the Italian horror market dried up, D’Amato had a comeback with the softcore ELEVEN DAYS ELEVEN NIGHTS, which eventually led to the director doing porn titles. The director had previously mixed sex and horror in such titles as PORNO HOLOCAUST and EROTIC NIGHS OF THE LIVING DEAD but those films were a long way off from his later day porn.

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