UGH! Can someone please do a proper naughty tentacle movie?!, 19 April 2004
Author: mr-norman-bates from The Bates Motel

What can I say? I dare you to watch this. No, I TRIPLE DOG dare you!

If you actually need a “plot” synop, here goes: a couple of german yutes are heading towards an island for some fun. Unfortunately, so are a small gang of bank robbers/ baby doll murderers (yes, I said baby DOLL murderers: there is a shot where a TOYS R’ US baby doll -complete with the gravity assisted big blue eyes -is substituted as a REAL baby as said Tarantini wannabe puts a gun to its forehead. It even comes complete with standard baby giggles before impact. You will not believe it as you see it either)!

So, when all arrive on the island, much chaos ensues as they (1) run around from either each other or (2) encounter crosses that slowly spin around and drip blood, (3) the long retired fog from JC’s THE FOG and (4) naughty tentacles that look like dung, which do naughty things (think LA BLUE GIRL, but with real girls, stop motion and fake screams the likes of which have not been seen since DR. BUTCHER).

So, if naughty tentacles are your thing, just check out the live action LA

BLUE GIRLs out on dvd or even the 5-dvd set of ANGEL OF DARKNESS (which are pretty slow and have very little naughtiness). Otherwise, PLEASE … watch this movie with your parents. They will love it. I mean it. Really…. D




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