Four high school girls at Hollywood High are looking for fun. Together they frolic on the beach and cavort with their guys. In their search for a little privacy they meet up with a retired movie star whose mammoth house offers 10 private bedrooms. But, there’s a catch. Life is good at Hollywood High.

IMDB REVIEW: great 70’s teen-sex comedy, in the tradition of drive-in teen flicks, Hollywood High hits bullseye. If you enjoy corny plots, or no plots, like Gas Pump Girls and The Cheerleaders, then you should search this one out at your local Mom & Pop video store. The four lead girls are hot. And w/ bikinis or less 80% of the time. They have four beach bums/gang members(yeah right)with the girls and all they do is frolic and practice the joys of love, in a van, in a tent, and always together, forget about privacy. There’s an old movie startle thrown in the story, just so she could enjoy the young bucks AT THE THE SAME TIME. This is a true masterpiece of sexual taboo mixed with an innocence that could only come from the 70’s.

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