IMDB REVIEW: Yes, this is a soft core porno movie, but, it has a story and a sweet tale with a happy ending. Five ladies of sweet virginity vow to loose that virginity in various ways to pay for a new School Bell at prestigious US All Girls boarding School. The various ways they do this are comical and sometimes rather sweet (a blind boy gets a delightful reward for his efforts). This movie may never see light of day until someone does a total worldwide Genome Project for every piece of recorded imagery as its basically in the soft core mid to late 70’s dustbin along with many other such similar flicks. This is sad as Naughty Schoolgirls has several beautiful themes running through it including the philosophy of I Ching and a delightful piece of poetry. It is full of tacky errors and poor sound management. Added to this, I am sure, is the fact that the school who was picked for the movie may never have known its content! As you can see from IMDb it does not exist in any format on this planet (try your nearest Star System!). It DOES deserve to be released, maybe by the British Film Institute (whom I give Honourable Plug as they released Celine and Julie Go Boating recently). Its worth watching if you ever find it on Betamax (even VHS, who knows!).

no pass

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