Henri and Louise (Guy Royer and Ursula White) happen to spot the sexual dominance and submission games going on in an apartment across the street. Here Willy Braque and Emmanuelle Parèze have a beautiful young submissive (Lisa Stophenberg) staying with them and even draw her boyfriend into their games. Henri and Louise film the kinky goings on and branch out into other voyeuristic activities. They drive off in their VW Beetle with their camera to the Bois de Boulogne to spy on a threesome having sex in a rather larger car. They are spotted by one of the men (John Oury) and invited back to an orgy in yet another apartment with Elisabeth Buré and the two men. They continue spying from their apartment, but they are again discovered. Willy and wife burst in and search for a camera. But the kinky couple opposite enjoy watching themselves on film and invite Henri and Louise to partake of a bit of spanking too. Cue another orgy.




Language:English (dubbed)

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