For a soft-core porn movie, this film has quite a few funny moments, and works (kind of) as a parody of Shakespeare’s play. A lot of the references are to late sixties pop culture and there are some genuinely erotic scenes.

From Wiki:
The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet is a 1969 sexploitation film written by Jim Schumacher based very loosely on the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Produced by Harry Novak and directed by Bethel Buckalew (aka Peter Perry and A. P. Stootsberry). The film intermingles a wide variety of comedic ploys with exaggerated sex scenes, spoofing the style of the television show Laugh In and cutting up with Henny Youngman style jokes and blackouts. Taglined as the “Winner Best Erotic Film Cannes Erotic Film Festival”.

Description: An outrageously bawdy, sexed-up version of the world’s most famous love story! A crackpot cast of mostly busty redheads performs the immortal tale of two lovers who end up loving just about everyone amidst a non-stop barrage of dumb jokes, gleeful nudity, rambunctious sex scenes, whipping, whipped cream, Derrick the Horny Hunchback, and literature’s most famous line of dialogue, “Sock it to me!


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